Canada on a tight budget_ Is it possibleSo because it was going to be too hard (and expensive) for Trav to get a one year working visa for Canada, our original plan of us living back in Vancouver for a year had to change.

We both get six month tourist visas and we wanted to see more of the country on the little funds we have so we decided to spend five months trying out a different way of travelling, utilising websites such as Couchsurfing, Help X and Ridesharing to make the money we have last longer and to challenge ourselves: Can we really travel in a country deemed expensive by most travellers for under $50 per day?

Today is Day 17 of the trip and so far the answer is YES.

The last two and a half weeks have been truly amazing.

We have stayed in great hotels (thanks to air miles and our lovely friend Delvin), met some ever friendly locals, toured Parliament, visited Museums, eaten very well, tried lots of delicious craft beers, bared all at a Nudist beach on an island in Lake Ontario, walked the fortifications of the oldest city in North America, switched from Spanish to English to French and back to English again, hiked in untouched forest to crystal clear waters, biked around a preserved 19th Century Town, marvelled at the great Niagara Falls and Quebec’s Montmorency Falls, enjoyed Blues music in the park, eaten real Italian gelato while listening to live music in French, eaten lots of poutine and Timmy Hortons doughnuts and even attended an incredible First Nations Pow wow. All of this for under $40 per day. Seriously.

I don’t feel like we have missed out on anything, in fact I feel like we have gained so much through this different way of travelling. I want to show people that you don’t need much money to travel.

We have found couch surfing to be so inspiring. These people give you a bed or couch in their home, to a stranger that they have never laid eyes on before. It has shown me that people are generally good which is what I needed after being robbed three times in South America.

We start camping in a couple of days on beautiful Grand Manan Island and are lining up some more rideshares to get us over to Nova Scotia.

Please read the following Canada posts for a more detailed breakdown of our Canadian adventure.

If anyone is interested in getting more information about our budget and how we keep costs down, just let me know.

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  1. Hi, I’m going back home (Montréal!) after a gap year in Australia and i want to travel in my own country, which i’ve never done before. I’m curious to know about how you go from one place to another… You did mention Ridesharing, but is that it?!

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