Herepin- the best way to connect with travelers nearbyI’m getting too old for hostels – there I said it.

I’m a light sleeper these days and hostels tend to be loud, especially dorm rooms where people are coming and going, turning lights off and on and rustling plastic bags at all hours of the night (what is it with the plastic bag rustling!?).

But there is one thing about hostels that I do love: meeting like minded people. Fellow travellers that are as passionate about travel as I am. And if they have been in the area longer than me – finding out from them where the best places are to eat, stay and most importantly, what there is to do. 

So where am I going with this hostel rant you may be thinking? What has this got to do with the title of this post and what the heck is HerePin?

Well, sometimes I do take a while to get to my point – but here it is. The great thing is that I don’t need to miss out on meeting these awesome fellow travellers, even if I choose to skip staying in the hostels. I can find them on a brilliant new travel app instead – HerePin.

Using HerePin to connect with travelers nearbyHerePin: The Best Way to Connect with Travellers Nearby

HerePin allows you to connect with travellers nearby, get itinerary ideas and be inspired – all on one app. And it’s free!

Sure, there are other social media platforms around where you can meet up with people, such as Facebook groups and Meetup, and you can get travel inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram, but HerePin brings all of these elements together into one place, making it so easy to browse beautiful pictures, read about other people’s suggestions and experiences in the place you are in or are going to, and the biggie, actually connect with people in your radius once you are there.

New friends!

HerePin is kinda like Facebook in that it has a feed you can scroll through but instead of seeing political rants, baby photos and memes – everything you see will be related to the area you have selected. There will be questions from people wanting advice for the area, ideas of where to go and what to do in the area, amazing pictures of the area, people wanting to meet up with people in the area, someone with a campervan that is looking for others to join them on an epic adventure, and more.

It’s an excellent source of finding that priceless information that isn’t in the guidebooks. The gems that come from first-hand and up-to-date knowledge of a place.

HerePin’s setup makes it so easy to find the posts that interest you and just bypass the ones that don’t.

I have been checking it often for my home town, Auckland, where I will be returning shortly to spend the summer. From my browsing I have already found out about restaurants, cafes and even parks that I didn’t know existed – and here I was thinking I knew Auckland pretty much inside out!

HerePin really demonstrates that there is always something new to discover.

It is fantastic for gaining insider knowledge of a place from locals that also use it, through to visitors who are exploring and discovering as they go.

Meet nearby travelers by using the travel app HerePin

An Exciting New Version of HerePin

The new and improved HerePin was officially re-launched a couple of weeks ago and although I enjoyed playing around with the old version, the updated HerePin is even better, giving users a more streamlined experience, making it ridiculously easy to use and to find what you are looking for.

There are only a couple of things that I think need a little improvement to make HerePin even better, one of which is for more people to use it – you can help with this by signing up and getting involved.

At the moment a lot of user activity is focused in New Zealand as that is where it was founded, but once it spreads, I think HerePin will be an excellent travel tool for anywhere and everywhere.

One other small improvement I would like to see made would be to have larger photos on the feed, at the moment you have to click on the image to see a larger version, but it really is only a small suggestion – everything else about the app I love.

So hopefully now you are dying to sign up and get started so here’s a run down of how to get yourself set-up and ready to HerePin:

1) Download the app for free 

There are versions for both Android and Apple

2) Set up your profile

You can log in to Facebook to make this super quick and easy. Make sure you have a profile photo and write a little blurb about yourself.

3) Set your location  

Whether it is where you are right now or where you are travelling to. You can change this whenever you want and as often as you want 

4) Set your radius

This is a new feature and is fantastic. You could set it to cover the town or city you are in or going to, the whole region, or even the whole country! You will be prompted to set your radius when selecting your location

Now you are ready to get browsing! Check out the feed to find out what people are up to in your area, or post your own suggestions or questions on there.

Be in to Win

One last thing, to celebrate the re-launch, the friendly folks at HerePin have set up a competition for you and a mate to win a GoPro HERO5! You can find it on their Facebook page.

All you need to do is watch the HerePin video, tag a mate who loves to travel in the comments, and download HerePin on the Appstore or Google Play. Make sure to enter by February 13th.

Would you try HerePin?

This post is brought to you by HerePin but all opinions expressed are my own. I really do think this app is awesome!

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  1. Sound good this best way how to close the people around the world . i am living in Cambodia . any help here just shoot me a message

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