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New York City’s sports history is long, with a history of sports stars and standout teams making their home there. The city is full of places and experiences for sports fans, so while there is a lot to see and do in NYC in general, sports lovers can spend an entire trip focused on one thing: Sports!

Whether your focus is on a single sport or many, you can catch a game here, visit dedicated sports spots, and catch away games at a true sports bar with other sports lovers. 

Here are 8 stops in New York City for sports fanatics.

Yankee Stadium in NYC

1. The New Yankee Stadium

The New York Yankees are a famous baseball team, with their home being the well-known new Yankee stadium. It is the place to go to honor the incredible players: Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson, Yogi Berra, and Joe DiMaggio.

At the stadium’s open-air museum, Monument Park, you can check out the players’ contributions and jerseys. While there are four baseball teams in NYC, the New York Yankees are arguably the most well-known and the stadium is a must-visit.

2. Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Garden hosts many athletic games throughout the year, such as boxing, hockey, and basketball. It also hosts concerts and more large events.

Sports lovers should absolutely catch a game here while visiting NYC, and if you are visiting during the colder months it is a great place to hide out from the cold too.

Madison Square Garden in NYC

3. The NBA Store

The NBA store on Fifth Avenue is a spot where you can shop for merchandise as well as being an interactive spot for sports lovers in the city. You can see player stats and maybe even catch some of your favorite players here for a signing.

For those basketball fans out there, you should definitely visit the NBA store.

4. Brooklyn Bridge Park

Head to Brooklyn Bridge Park for incredible city views and a place where you can play a pickup sports game.

Brooklyn Bridge Park at night

5. Aqueduct Racetrack

Located in Queens, Aqueduct Racetrack is one of the major horse racing tracks in New York City. Spend some time at the track and head to the on-site gaming casino for a fun day!

6. Tour of the US Open

The USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center for the US Open is open for behind the scenes tours.

To learn more about the players and the game, and really experience walking around where the magic happens, a tour and a visit is the perfect activity for tennis lovers and all sports fans. 

New York City

7. Jackie Robinson’s Brooklyn Home

Jackie Robinson is a legendary baseball player, and you can see his childhood home in Brooklyn. Many people in the city are trying to get his home registered as a city landmark because of just how special Jackie Robinson is to the city and to baseball.

8. Experience a NYC Sports Bar

While you’re here, if you want to catch a game, have a good meal, and really be around other sports-lovers, head to a real NYC sports bar. A couple of ideas are Mudville 9 in Tribeca, Finnerty’s in East Village, Harlem Tavern in Harlem, and the Stumble Inn on the Upper East Side.

If you pop over to a normal NYC bar, it won’t be half as good of an experience.

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