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The culture in England is unique. There are customs that are only practiced in England, and you’ll be quick to observe them when you visit England yourself. And, trust us, they take their manners and etiquette very seriously!

That’s why you need to abide by certain norms to mingle with the English locals nicely.

In this article, you’ll learn some of the things that you better not do when visiting England.

Things Not To Do In England

If this is your first time visiting England, pay attention as we discuss everything you need to know before your trip. It’s common to have a set of questions about what to expect, what places to visit, and so on.

Although, one thing most visitors seem to forget to research is the English culture, and it’s important.

Best Markets in London

1. Avoid Idle Chit Chat in the South of England

If your travel plans consist of visiting Southeast resorts in England, this tip is for you! Don’t feel obliged to start a conversation with strangers passing by.

You may think it’s a friendly gesture, but many people in the Southeast aren’t fans of idle chit-chat with strangers. They like their personal space. 

2. Say Nothing About the Queen

It’s nothing political, rather more personal. Many English people love their queen to the moon and back, and they won’t tolerate anything about the Queen that hurts their sentiments.

So, beware of what you say regarding the Queen’s ruling and personality, and every other aspect of her life.

Geffrye Museum in London

3. Don’t Jump the Queue

Breaking the line or “queue” in English is bad manners and to some extent, uncultured. Don’t ever try to skip a queue before a subway train or ticket counter or try to get past someone in front of you in line.

Jumping in the queue will only earn you some bad remarks from the queuers on your face. Not a good thing to experience when visiting England for the first time, right?

4. England Isn’t the UK

When you mix up England with the whole of the UK, locals are likely to take serious offense to it. It’s in a way, insulting and demeaning to them.

Especially, the natives of Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland are very protective of their national identities.

So, you have to be careful about using the right names and identities, and innocent mix-ups are not welcomed by the locals.

5. Don’t Skip a Brit Weather Talk

If you happen to come across a Brit who’s eager to talk about the weather, make sure you go along with it. 

Just carry on the ‘good listener’ role if you’re not able to contribute to the conversation. Let him or her talk since it’s a very popular subject in England.

Visit Kew Gardens near Richmond London

6. No Messing with the Palace Guards

The idea of messing with the Buckingham Palace guards may be tempting, but don’t do it! The poor guys are guarding the royal palace, doing their duty, plus it’s just not a courteous gesture.

However, if you end up disturbing them on the job, they’re allowed to warn you with a loud shout. Furthermore, they can use their bayonet to scare you away from the spot.

7. No Icy Beverages

The locals in England have different ideas about beverages and their temperatures. It isn’t common to get ice in water and soda here, and if you want to try British cask beer, it is served at room temperature.

8. Don’t Feel Reluctant to Say ‘Sorry’

The whole of the UK is known for practicing politeness and courtesy, more than many other parts of the world. Hence, they prefer to say sorry in any instance when they might’ve made even a small faux pas. And they expect the same in return.

So, do say you’re sorry even if it’s just a small thing.

Richmond Riverside

9. Don’t Rely Too Much on Public Transport

Relying too much on public transport in England may not be the cheapest option as it can be expensive. However, if you’re planning to stay for a long time in England to explore lots of places, it’s better to go for a rental car service.

Renting a car can save you a ton of money when traveling through English counties and cities. Keep in mind that you will need to drive on the left-hand side of the road there, but you will get used to it in no time.

Having your own vehicle will free you from timetable restrictions, which is a big gain as you can explore and enjoy more.

10. No Staring or Eye-Contact

It’s a bit of a weird thing to tell you about England, but it is what it is. Avoid eye contact with English people on the road, on a train, or in any public place. And most importantly, don’t stare at people; it freaks them out.

It’s their culture not to be so upfront with a stranger so it’s better not to make them feel uncomfortable.

11. No Gloominess

If someone asks you in England about how your day was, say anything but a gloomy response. Don’t share your bad day stories with them because they don’t like it.

Instead, pretend like everything’s okay and you’re pulling through nicely. It’s the English way.



After reading this you may feel that visiting England is maybe not your cup of tea. But, don’t let this list make you reconsider your travel plans to England. In fact, this list will aid you in making your time in England worth it!

We assure you, England is very worth traveling to. That’s why the eleven avoidable things in England we’ve shared above are merely a guide for first-time visitors.

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