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Canada is the second-largest country globally and it has lots of unique sites and beautiful landscapes for travelers to discover and sightsee.

Canada is home to culturally rich and vibrant cities along with implausible natural marvels.

Be it gardens, lakes, or cities, Canada has everything that will make your visit worthwhile. Plan your visit to Canada and explore the mountains of the Canadian Rockies and the cosmopolitan Toronto streets.

There are lots of unique Canadian dishes you need to try on your visit to Canada.

Canadian food

Canada eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization)

Anyone who wants to visit Canada for tourism or business purposes needs to get an eTA before entering the country.

eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) is a necessary document that enables travelers to visit Canada by air for business, tourism, or transit. eTA is convenient, simple, and less expensive than getting a traditional visa.

Get your eTA to Canada – using this website within minutes. eTA arrives at your e-mail address in a PDF form and stays valid for 5 years from issuing!

The Electronic Travel Authorization application process is done entirely online. To apply for eTA, you need to have a valid passport, an email address, a debit card, or a credit card.

While applying online, you have to answer some simple questions in the application. The fee for eTA Canada is 49. 

As compared to traditional visas that take weeks to process, the eTA document can be obtained in a maximum of 72 hours.

Many applications are approved in a couple of minutes. It is a secure and suggested form of travel authorization. It is a must-have document for traveling to Canada.

Top 5 Foods to Try in Canada

The unique Canadian dishes that have been created for the world comprise an exciting mix of savory and sweet food. Although it is a country where people eat Kraft dinners often, here are also many iconic Canadian dishes that people love to eat.

Canadian dishes are tasty and delicious, and you must try them. Whenever you visit Canada, try these 5 top best iconic Canadian foods. 

Canadian poutine

1. Poutine

Poutine originated in Quebec (a province in Canada), and it is a delicious dish consisting of cheese curds and French fries topped with light-brown gravy.

It is a very famous food throughout Canada, but the best place to get poutine is in Montreal.

2. Montreal Bagels

Montreal bagels are sweeter, thinner, smaller, and a little denser than New York-style bagels. They have a big hole and are baked in a wood-fired oven.

Enjoy a Montreal bagel for breakfast or lunch by spreading cream cheese on it.

3. PC White Cheddar Mac and Cheese

This deliciously creamy white cheddar mac & cheese is loved by Canadians, especially in the winter season, as it is excellent comfort food.

Mac and cheese

4. Garlic Fingers with Donair Sauce

Garlic fingers are cheesy, chewy pizza-like finger strips, and Halifax’s famous donair sauce makes them a complete meal.

It is a perfect combo to satisfy your late-night snack cravings, and it can also serve as a party treat or appetizer.

5. Lobster

A classic boiled lobster with a touch of butter is a must-try when in the Maritimes. Choosing fresh lobster is hard to avoid while dining at Cabot Links in Cape Breton while enjoying an ocean view.

Canadian food

Final Words

With so many beautiful places to visit, Canada will captivate you with its raw nature, vibrant landscapes, and soulful culture.

People visit Canada for a dose of excitement and adventure, and the epic Canadian food is one of the best reasons to visit Canada as well.

Get your Canada eTA now and travel to Canada to explore its mesmerizing beauty.

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