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The Best Colorado Hot Springs

Looking to soak during your Colorado vacation or have you just moved to Colorado and want to know the absolute best Colorado hot springs? Then read on…

If you love hot springs as much as I do, then you are in for a treat in Colorado. This state is one of the best for hot springs with thermal activity all through the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. 

On my countless Colorado road trips over the past six years, I have made it my mission to soak in as many of the best Colorado hot springs as possible – I even did a Colorado Hot Springs road trip last year for my birthday.

Downtown Buena Vista, one of the best Colorado Mountain Towns

My favorite kind of hot springs are natural or in a natural environment – I’m not a fan of swimming pool/rec center types of hot springs so you won’t find these on this best Colorado hot springs list. They are basic and no one has time for that when there are so many better options.

I have visited all of these hot springs myself and enjoyed them all. They aren’t in any particular order so you can decide for yourself which Colorado hot springs sound best for you and your hot springs style.

So check it out, the best Colorado hot springs!

Please excuse the lack of photos of the hot springs. A lot of Colorado hot springs don’t allow photos to be taken inside.

Colorado Hot Springs Map

Check out my interactive Colorado Hot Springs map so you can plan an epic Colorado hot springs road trip.

Colorado Hot Springs Map

15 Best Colorado Hot Springs

1. Iron Mountain Hot Springs, Glenwood Springs

Iron Mountain Hot Springs is composed of 17 soaking pools of varying temperatures ranging from 98-108 degrees and with 14 different minerals. The pools are spread out over a hillside overlooking the Colorado River with mountains surrounding. 

There is relaxing music playing, the views are beautiful (I saw a bald eagle fly over really close one time I was here!), and no kids are allowed in the soaking pools unsupervised so it truly is a quiet and relaxing environment.

Iron Mountain Hot Springs in Glenwood Springs

If you are visiting as a family, there is a large pool that is family-friendly with an elevated spa pool overlooking it so parents can keep an eye on the kids.

There is a well-equipped bathhouse with private showers, toiletries, hairdryers, and lockers, and there is a cafe on site for beverages, lunch, and dinner.

Iron Mountain Hot Springs in Glenwood Springs at night

There are also 11 Worldsprings pools, inspired by famous hot springs around the world. I am looking forward to checking them out on my next visit.

Price: $40 – $52 per person (depending on time and day of the week) for a 3-hour time slot for the regular pools. It costs $55 – $67 to include the 11 Worldsprings pools as well. Make sure to book online in advance. All day soaking passes from $100-$150.
Accommodation Nearby: Stay at the Hotel Denver or Starlight Lodge. For vacation rentals, stay at Casa Del Sol, or this modern one-bedroom in downtown Glenwood Springs.

2. Valley View Hot Springs, San Luis Valley

One of the more rustic developed hot springs on the list, the remote Valley View Hot Springs is located at a high point overlooking the sparseness of the San Luis Valley in the south of Colorado, and has six natural rock ponds, a swimming pool, a hot tub, and a hydro-electric sauna. 

The six rock ponds have natural thermal water bubbling up from the gravel bottom, and the swimming pool has no chlorine and has the coolest water at Valley View.

This is a clothing-optional hot spring, and most people who soak here prefer to go au natural, so if nudity is something that makes you uncomfortable – you should probably skip Valley View.

The land the hot springs are on is owned by a land trust and only a limited amount of people are allowed in at a time so you will need to book ahead by phone if you want to soak here. 

San Luis Valley in Colorado

San Luis Valley View by Gary Nored on Flickr

Price: $17 summer/$15 winter per person for a day visit. Under 16 years old are free. Make sure to book one day in advance by calling the office.
Accommodation Nearby: Your best bet is to camp or stay in one of the rustic rooms or cabins onsite. Alternatively, stay in nearby Crestone at this eclectic adobe home or this magical mountain cabin.

3. Orvis Hot Springs, Ridgway

A peaceful oasis between the towns of Ridgway and Ouray, this clothing-optional hot spring is located in a walled garden with mountain views. 

There are seven outdoor pools including the pebble-bottom pond, a silent pond, a cold plunge, and the lobster pot, and there are three indoor pools, two of them are private and don’t cost any extra. There is also a sauna.

Orvis Hot Springs is one of the best hot springs in Colorado

Orvis Hot Springs by Joe Grasso on Flickr

Seven minerals in the water are naturally occurring and aid with the effects of conditions such as arthritis, as well as melting away stress and anxiety.

There is a small kitchen with complimentary hot drinks, lots of seating areas on the property and lots of space in the garden to soak up the sun so you could easily bring a book and spend the whole day here.

Price: $28 per person day rate. You do not need to book in advance.
Accommodation Nearby: Stay onsite to spend longer in the pools – there is camping as well as rooms. Otherwise, stay in Ouray at Ouray Inn or Timber Ridge Lodge. For vacation rentals, this renovated historic home in the heart of downtown, and this modern studio apartment on the river.

Ouray in Colorado

4. Wiesbaden Hot Springs, Ouray

One of the most unique hot springs on the list, Wiesbaden Hot Springs Spa in downtown Ouray is home to a shallow thermal pool – inside an underground vapor cave! This vapor cave is incredible and is reached by going through the basement of the spa building.

There is a natural hot waterfall as well as the shallow cave pool, and the cave is steamy and humid. It is really something to be soaking in an underground cave/natural sauna. There are numerous naturally occurring minerals in the thermal waters and no chemicals are added.

Along with the vapor cave and hot spring underground, there is also a hot springs pool outside that you can use and a sunroom with loungers where you can relax after the hot environs of the vapor cave. There is also a private outdoor pool with a waterfall that you can pay extra to reserve.

Visit Ouray on a Colorado Road Trip

Price: $25 per person for two hours. $35 for one hour for two people in the private waterfall pool. Call in advance to find out availability as if the hotel is full, there may be no availability for non-guests.
Accommodation Nearby: Stay onsite in one of the hotel rooms, cabins, or suites. Alternatively, stay at Ouray Inn, or the cozy Timber Ridge LodgeFor vacation rentals, this renovated historic home in the heart of downtown, and this modern studio apartment on the river.

5. Durango Hot Springs Resort and Spa, Durango

I only recently heard about Durango Hot Springs and visited for the first time as part of my hot springs birthday road trip last year, and it’s now one of my absolute favorite hot springs in Colorado. It was recently completely renovated with more pools added.

Similar to Iron Mountain Hot Springs, Durango Hot Springs is a super peaceful spot, with numerous pools of different temperatures spread over a hillside. There are also a few hot pools and a large family-friendly saltwater pool at the bottom of the hill.

Durango Hot Springs

The grounds are beautiful with manicured rock gardens, a big grassy lawn, and the site is backed by forest. There are 32 different natural hot springs pools with thermal water that contains 21 different minerals and range in temperature from 95-105 degrees. There are also two cold plunge pools and a resort-style swimming pool.

The changing facilities are luxurious and there is a spa where you can enjoy massages and treatments. There is also a restaurant and bar onsite that has live music on Saturday nights.

You could easily spend the whole day here exploring the different pools, sunbathing on the lawn, getting a treatment or massage, and enjoying a meal at the restaurant.

Durango is home to one of the best Colorado hot springs

Price: $39 per person, $15 for children for 2-hour soaking session. You should book in advance online or by phone if possible.
Accommodation Nearby: Stay at The Strater Hotel or the General Palmer Hotel in Durango. For vacation rentals, stay at this downtown carriage house or this urban homestead in downtown Durango.

6. Cottonwood Hot Springs, Buena Vista

Chilled-out Cottonwood Hot Springs Inn & Spa has a hippie vibe and it is one of the more affordable options on my list of the best Colorado hot springs. The big focus here is sustainability and I am here for it.

Located in the Collegiate Peaks and bordered by Cottonwood Creek, this peaceful hot spring is the perfect place to relax and soak up the classic Colorado mountain scenery. There are five pools varying in temperature from 94-110 degrees, and all of the pools have naturally occurring minerals with no chemicals added.

Cottonwood is one of the best hot springs in Colorado

There is a dry sauna onsite and unlimited natural mineral drinking water provided to guests. The spa on-site offers massages from Saturdays through Mondays.

The property has recycling, wind turbines, a natural water treatment process, and solar panels on-site, and really cares about operating a sustainable business.

I highly recommend staying onsite here as it is a true oasis of calm. You won’t find any WiFi or electronic devices in the simple but cozy rooms and cabins, and all the bedding is made with organic natural materials.

Hiking near Salida, one of the best mountain towns in Colorado

Price: $30-$34 per adult and $30-$34 for children under 16. You do not need to book in advance.
Accommodation Nearby: Stay onsite in a dorm, hotel room, cabin, or camp. Alternatively stay in nearby Buena Vista at Five Peaks Cabin, or the luxurious Surf Hotel & Chateau. For vacation rentals, stay in this cute one-bedroom in the trendy South Main district, or this sweet cabin in the heart of BV.

7. Mount Princeton Hot Springs, Nathrop

Just down the road from Cottonwood Hot Springs is Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort, a beautiful resort surrounded by 14,000-foot peaks. This historic resort has been welcoming guests since 1897 and is a firm favorite with Coloradans.

There are two large pools by the creek, an infinity pool, and a waterslide pool, and when the creek is low enough (usually mid-summer through winter) there are numerous natural rock pools alongside the creek which are my absolute favorite.

Mount Princeton hot springs - one of the best hot springs in Colorado

Chalk Creek and Mount Princeton Hot Springs by Knowsphotos on Flickr

Thermal water bubbles up into these boulder-encircled rock pools from the riverbed and soaking here is heavenly. The pools all have different temperatures depending on how much of the cold creek water seeps in, so you can change pools easily if you get too hot or too cold.

If you are staying at the resort, you also have access to four more pools – the large Relaxation pool, and three smaller Japanese-style cascading pools.

All of the pools have natural mineral water, are odorless, and range from 33-120 degrees. There is also a spa onsite where you can book massages, body scrubs, wraps, and facials.

Kayakers on the river in Salida, one of the best mountain towns in Colorado

Price: $40-$45 for adults, and $35 for seniors and kids 4-16 years for a day pass. You do not need to book in advance.
Accommodation Nearby: Stay onsite at Mount Princeton Resort in one of the resort rooms or cottages, or stay in nearby Salida at The Salida Inn and Hostel, the retro American Classic Inn, or Browns Canyon Inn. For vacation rentals, stay at cute Tenderfoot Cottage or turn-of-the-century Dvora’s Guest House, both downtown.

8. Penny Hot Springs, Carbondale

One of the best natural hot springs in Colorado, beautiful Penny Hot Springs is also the most easily accessible natural hot spring as it is just a few minutes walk from the highway south of Carbondale.

Penny Hot Springs is made up of a few natural pools on the side of the river that vary in temperature. There are no buildings or concrete here – it’s all-natural (as many of the people who soak here choose to be).

Penny Hot Springs is one of the best hot springs in Colorado

Bring a picnic and spend all day here surrounded by mountains, jumping in the peaceful Crystal River when you need to cool off.

You can find Penny Hot Springs on Google Maps. It is 12 miles south of Carbondale, and you will see a small and unassuming car park on the side of the road. Straight down to the river from here are the hot springs.

Price: Free
Accommodation Nearby: Stay in a vacation home – the 8th Street Retreat and this tiny house are close to downtown Carbondale. 

Wildflowers in Carbondale - one of the best hidden Gems of Colorado

9. Strawberry Park Hot Springs, Steamboat Springs

One of the more natural developed hot springs in Colorado, Strawberry Park Hot Springs is a gorgeous spot to relax and unwind after a day of skiing or hiking in Steamboat Springs. It is one of three Steamboat Springs hot springs and my favorite in the area.

These rustic hot springs are a favorite among Coloradans and there are three large pools set along a mountain creek and surrounded by aspen forest. There are also two smaller pools, one with a waterfall.

Visit Strawberry Hot Springs on your Colorado Road Trip

The pools have a natural look with stone masonry and sand bottoms with pool temperatures starting at around 102 degrees. There is a rustic changing cabin, new modern restrooms, and massage facilities onsite.

If you visit after dark, there is little to no lighting which is a really fun way to experience the hot springs and to see the stars. Make sure to take a head torch so you can see where you are going when you aren’t soaking. It is also clothing-optional after dark.

The road to the springs from town is a bit dodgy although passable in summer with a 2WD vehicle. If you are uncertain about driving or are visiting in winter and don’t have a 4WD, you can organize to take a shuttle.

Add Steamboat Springs to your Colorado Itinerary

Price: $20 for a 2-hour reservation. You currently must book in advance online and then pay by cash on arrival. NO CARDS OR CHECKS ARE ACCEPTED. If you book the shuttle, the hot springs are included.
Accommodation Nearby: Stay onsite in one of their cabins, a train caboose, a covered wagon, or camp. Alternatively, stay in Steamboat Springs at the Chalet Val d’Isere Bed & Breakfast, or The Steamboat Grand. For vacation rentals, stay in this quaint and luxurious studio, or this downtown condo with balcony.

10. The Springs, Pagosa Springs

One of the most famous (and glitziest) hot springs in Colorado – and one of the most beautiful as well, The Springs is an absolute knockout and if you can swing the price, it’s worth it.

The Springs is a sprawling hot springs resort that overlooks the San Juan River and includes 25 pools of different temperatures and sizes, all fed by one giant spring – the world’s deepest at 1,002 feet deep. 

Pagosa Hot Springs

The pool temperatures range from 45 –114 degrees and include a cold plunge, waterfall pools, a pool with hot river mud, a lap pool, pools with jacuzzi jets – just about everything a hot springs enthusiast could desire.

Other amenities onsite include a luxurious bathhouse, a cafe, a grill, a bar, and a full-service spa with various treatments including massages, facials, and body scrubs.

Add Pagosa Springs to your Colorado Itinerary

Price: $67 for adults/$35 for children 3-12 years old for a day pass (free if you are staying overnight at the resort). Book in advance to secure a reservation.
Accommodation Nearby: Stay onsite at The Springs Resort and Spa, or stay in town at Fireside Cabins or The Nightingale Motel. For vacation rentals, stay at this charming studio with mountain views, or this cozy downtown studio.

11. Overlook Hot Springs, Pagosa Springs

Overlook Hot Springs is a great choice if you are traveling through Pagosa Springs and don’t want to splurge on The Springs. This is generally a quieter option as well as it isn’t as well known as The Springs.

The mineral-rich hot springs are located in a historic Victorian building in downtown Pagosa Springs. There are 14 pools spread out over three levels and include rooftop tubs with views over the river and surrounding mountains, indoor soaking pools, outdoor soaking tubs, and a sauna.

As well as soaking in the various pools, you can also get massages on-site and there is a private hot pool you can rent. There aren’t any food options onsite but there is a bar and I highly recommend grabbing a beer for a rooftop soak.

Stop at Pagosa Springs on your Colorado Road Trip

Price: $24-$30 for adults and $16-$20 for seniors and children. You do not need to book in advance.
Accommodation Nearby: Stay at Fireside Cabins, or The Nightingale Motel. For vacation rentals, stay at this charming studio with mountain views, or this cozy downtown studio.

12. Hot Sulphur Springs, Hot Sulphur Springs

Hot Sulphur Springs Resort is located in a small town of the same name and is a rustic hot springs resort with 15 thermal pools scattered over a hillside with different temperatures and minerals.

Hot Sulphur Springs is definitely not as polished as Iron Mountain or Durango Hot Springs, but I have always really enjoyed the peaceful and unassuming vibe here, and the large number of pools to soak in. 

Hot Sulphur Springs is one of the best hot springs in Colorado

Hot Sulphur Springs by Eli Duke on Flickr

Most of the pools are outdoors and range from tiny tubs that fit around four people to large pools near the entrance. There are also some indoor pools if you don’t want to brave the cold in winter. My favorite pool is the outdoor waterfall pool where there are lots of spots around the edge of the pool to sit and relax.

A lot of the pools are quite cloudy because of the minerals in the water. There are no chemicals added to the pools so they are 100% natural, thermal water. There is a basic changing room with showers.

Hot Sulphur Springs should be part of your Colorado Road Trip Itinerary

Price: $26 per adult/$14 for children ages 4-11/$20 for seniors for a day pass. You don’t need to book in advance.
Accommodation Nearby: You can stay at the Hot Sulphur Springs Resort or the Canyon Motel in town is another great option. For vacation rentals, stay at this Modern-Rustic Luxury Rock House, or this Hot Sulphur Springs Cottage.

13. Conundrum Hot Springs, Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness

Visiting remote Conundrum Hot Springs is definitely an adventure, and is not for the unfit or unprepared. It is a 9-mile difficult hike each way with multiple river crossings to get to Conundrum Hot Springs, so you are going to want to camp overnight which means you will have to pack in all your gear and book a permit in advance.

But believe me, it is definitely worth it. Conundrum Hot Springs is in the spectacular Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness and has one of the most beautiful settings of any hot springs in the world. It sits at 11,200 feet in elevation overlooking a valley and is surrounded by mountains.

Conundrum Hot Springs is one of the best hot springs in Colorado

The pools are completely natural and are surrounded by a grassy clearing. There is one main pool and a couple of smaller pools and I highly recommend soaking in the day to enjoy the views, then again at night to see some of the best night skies without light pollution. 

When we visited, a girl we spoke to said a moose got in the pool with her when she went for an early morning soak! We didn’t get to have that incredible and slightly unnerving experience, but we did see moose on the trail on the way back out which was amazing.

If you do decide to undertake this adventure, bring lots of warm clothes because it is freezing at night – even in the middle of summer, book well in advance, and be prepared for a long slog to get there. There are 2,400 feet of elevation gain on the trail and although we hike a lot at altitude, we found it tough.

The main hike starts at the Conundrum Creek Trailhead just outside of Aspen but you can also hike to the hot springs from Crested Butte although it is a longer and harder hike from there.

Conundrum Hot Springs hike

Price: Technically free although you need a permit to stay overnight. Permits cost $10 and cover one campsite (not per person) and you need to book in advance as they go fast!
Accommodation Nearby: You should definitely stay overnight for at least one night in the camping ground at Conundrum. Before and after the hike, stay in Aspen at The Gant or Tyrolean Lodge. For vacation rentals, stay at this newly remodeled studio condo or this similar studio – both in the heart of Aspen.

Downtown Aspen, Colorado

14. SunWater Spa, Manitou Springs

SunWater Spa in Manitou Springs is a little different than the other hot springs on the list because it doesn’t have thermal water, but I loved the soaking tubs and pools here so much anyway.

Located on the edge of downtown Manitou Springs, SunWater Spa is a day spa that offers massages, facials, yoga classes, and best of all – cedar soaking tubs with mountain views.

You can book the tub of your choice for a 90-minute period, and you also have use of the indoor hot pool, cold plunge pool, and jacuzzi inside, and two saunas. The pools and cedar tubs are filled with heated mineral water from the famous Seven Minute Spring in Manitou Springs.

Manitou Springs, one of the best mountain towns in Colorado

Price: $45-$55 per person for a private cedar tub for 90-minutes. Reserve online to secure your tub of choice.
Accommodation Nearby: Stay at ColoRADo Adventure Hostel in nearby Colorado Springs, or for a motel, stay at Villa Motel. For vacation rentals, this luxurious one bedroom and this loft in a historic spa building are both downtown and great options.

15. Indian Hot Springs, Idaho Springs

Probably my least favorite on this list, but it is the closest hot springs to Denver so it is definitely worth mentioning. Indian Hot Springs is in a historic hotel in Idaho Springs, only a 30-minute drive from downtown Denver.

The main pool is unique as it is in a greenhouse surrounded by tropical plants which is fantastic in the colder months because you don’t have to brave the snow. The water is natural thermal water with a small amount of chlorine to keep it clean.

There are also geothermal caves with hot springs inside, outdoor jacuzzis, and indoor private hot spring baths – all of which are private and cost extra.

Idaho Springs in Colorado

Price: $20-$28 per person for the main pool. No reservations are required.
Accommodation Nearby: Stay onsite at Indian Hot Springs in one of their hotel rooms, or in a cabin. Alternatively, stay at JC Suites, or if you aren’t traveling with kids – The Silver Lake Lodge which is adults-only. For vacation rentals, stay at this mountain retreat cottage or the Arapaho Cliffs Log Cabin.

Other Hot Springs in Colorado

Although I have visited many of the best hot springs in Colorado, there are still a few that I haven’t had a chance to visit yet that are on my hot springs bucket list. You should also consider visiting the below hot springs:

Joyful Journey Hot Springs, Moffat

Top of my list for new hot springs to visit, Joyful Journey is a relaxing spa retreat with three pools, two hot tubs, and tipis and yurts to stay in onsite.

Dunton Hot Springs

A luxurious and very expensive hot springs resort in a ghost town. You can only visit these hot springs if you are staying at the resort. This is a dream trip for me and I hope I can make it there one day.

South Canyon Hot Springs, Glenwood Springs

A natural hot spring with manmade rock pools along the river west of Glenwood Springs, South Canyon is one of the more easily accessible completely natural hot springs in Colorado.

Downtown Glenwood Springs

Colorado Hot Springs Etiquette Tips

  • Be respectful of others, especially with your noise level as a lot of people come to relax and unwind so don’t want to deal with loud music or people talking loudly. Oh, and make sure not to stare at the people who choose not to wear clothing.
  • Don’t wear sunscreen to keep the pools as pristine as possible. If you are worried about getting sunburnt, use coconut oil instead which is natural and will protect you from the sun.
  • Don’t crowd people – If there is no room in any of the pools, then just wait till space comes available.

Visit Rocky Mountain National Park on a Colorado Road Trip

What To Pack For a Colorado Hot Springs Trip

Make sure to pack these items when visiting the hot springs in Colorado:

  • Towel – a large, cozy beach towel is best, especially in the colder months.
  • River shoes or flip-flops to wear in or between pools. Great for rocky pool bottoms.
  • A cozy robe to wear between the pools.
  • Water bottle – it’s important to stay hydrated when you are soaking in hot water. I recommend a hydro flask which will keep your water nice and cold on a hot day.
  • Packed lunch or snacks if you are planning to stay a while (and if the hot springs you are visiting allow it)
  • Sunglasses and a good sun hat if you are visiting in the middle of the day to protect your face from the sun.
  • A head torch if you are visiting at night. – in case of poor lighting.
  • Natural sun protection like coconut oil – don’t pollute the pools with sunscreen.

Crested Butte hiking on a Colorado Road Trip

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15 Best Colorado Hot Springs The Best Colorado Hot Springs

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