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The Best Kauai Hiking AdventuresOne of the reasons why I love Hawaii so much is that the islands are so damn hike-able. With incredible scenery, an abundance of hiking trails that never seem to get too busy, and temperatures that rarely get insanely hot, Hawaii really is a hiker’s paradise.

And the Kauai hiking adventures I embarked on proved to be an absolute Kauai highlight. Hiking is definitely one of the best things to do in Kauai.

Visiting the island of Kauai for the first time last year I was really excited to try out some Kauai hikes, especially as it is known to be the greenest island.

During my eight days on Kauai I managed to fit in five hikes, all which were wonderful, and with each Kauai hiking trail offering different scenery. 

Hitting the Kauai hiking trails was a great way to see the natural beauty of the garden island and to appreciate how diverse the scenery actually is.

I still didn’t get to do all the wonderful Kauai hikes though, and the one I want to do the most next time is the Kalepa Ridge hike with Na Pali Coast views.

Read on for my Kauai Hiking Guide.

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The Best Kauai Hiking Adventures

Kauai Coastal Trail - The Best Kauai Hiking Kauai Hike 1: Kauai Coastal Path: Kapa’a to Pineapple Dump

Difficulty: Easy

Distance: 2.8 miles/4.5km one way

Location: Start and end at Kapa’a Beach Park and just follow the pathway around the coast to the north.

I started off with one of the easy hikes in Kauai, the Kauai Coastal Path. This Kauai hike consists of a flat footpath which takes you the entire way around the coast from the town of Kapa’a to Pineapple Dump.

There are some beautiful coastal views along the way with waves crashing onto the black rocks below the path. Soon the gorgeous golden sands of Kealia beach, the nicest on the Central Coast, will come into view.

It is definitely worth stopping here for a swim, I found it much nicer than Kapa’a beach park with calmer and clearer water although it has been known for the waves to get quite rough too.

Kealia Beach - Kauai Hiking Adventures

Another mile past Kealia beach is Pineapple Dump. This is where the pineapple cutoffs left over from the canning process were dumped into the ocean back when the Hawaiian Pineapple Canning Company was in business.

There is not much to see there now, just a ruined concrete structure jutting out to sea, but if you feel like walking further than Kealia then it’s a good turn around point.

You can also bike this path.

Waikoa Loop historic dam - Kauai Hiking Adventures

Kauai Hike 2: Waikoa loop walk

Difficulty: Easy

Distance: 5 miles/8km loop trail

Location: On the Kuhio highway just north from the turn off to Kilauea. Turn at signs for Namahana Café as the trail starts behind here.

Another super easy Kauai hiking trail that is flat the whole way, the Waikoa loop walk takes you through varied landscapes including the United State’s largest Mahogany forest, through lush meadows, past ponds, and via a historic stone dam surrounded by dozens of guava trees (the small red ones are the best).

Forest on Waikoa Loop - Kauai Hiking Adventures

The setting is very peaceful and although it wasn’t the most scenic hike I did, it was a nice way to spend a couple of hours getting some exercise.

Hiking Kuilau Ridge - Kauai Hiking Adventures

Kauai Hike 3: Kuilau Ridge Trail

Difficulty: Easy

Distance: 2.25  miles/3.6 km one way

Location: Off Highway 580 up past the rural neighbourhoods of Wailua and into the forested park area of Keahua. You will see the start of the trail just before the park area on the right.

The Kuilau Ridge trail is a great trail to truly experience how incredibly green and lush Kauai is. The pathway leads through overgrown jungle with towering trees covered in vines. Hundreds of guavas cover the trail and you can feast on them to your heart’s content (believe me, I did).

Kuilau Ridge Hike - Kauai Hiking Adventures

At the one mile point the trail opens out into a grassy clearing with fantastic views of the Makaleha Mountains and the lush valley below.

From there the trail follows more of a ridge line with sweeping valley views for another 1.25 miles before you reach a footbridge that continues on to connect with the Moalepe Trail.

Be sure to check out the viewpoint over Opaeka’a Falls lookout on the drive out there too.

Waimea Canyon Kauai - Kauai Hiking AdventuresKauai Hike 4: Waimea Canyon Trail and Black Pipe Trail

Difficulty: Intermediate

Distance: 5 miles/8km loop trail

Location: There is a carpark at trailhead located on Highway 550 between mile markers 14 and 15. Look for a dirt road and a small gravel/dirt parking area.

If you decide to do any Kauai hiking, you can’t miss doing one of the fabulous hikes around Waimea Canyon, ‘the Grand Canyon of the Pacific’, and one of the most famous Kauai attractions.

Amelie and I decided rather than do the Canyon trail at Waimea Canyon as a return, we would add on the Black Pipe trail to make it a loop so we didn’t have to do much backtracking.

The hike started off past fragrant wild ginger plants then began descending down through the forest to the Canyon rim. We picked wild guavas along the way (they really are everywhere on Kauai).

Soon we started catching glimpses of the canyon before the trail opened up to the canyon rim. It was a fantastic viewpoint overlooking the canyon in all its glory. And what a beautiful sight it was.

Canyon Trail at Waimea Canyon - Kauai Hiking Adventures

After multiple photos we walked a bit further to a hidden waterfall, then backtracked to where the Black Pipe trial intersects with the Canyon trail (it is signposted).

This is where the adventure really began.

The trail was overgrown in places and we didn’t see another person. We were starting to wonder if perhaps we should have stayed on the main trail.

After hiking along a narrow ridge then up gradual switchbacks through the forest, we then reached a road and were faced with a decision: left or right.

We guessed right as it looked like that trail headed upwards and we knew we needed to go back uphill to reach the car park. We were wrong.

Hidden waterfall at Waimea Canyon - Kauai Hiking Adventures

After walking for maybe 15 minutes and with the trail now heading downhill, we started second guessing ourselves but we couldn’t decide if we should turn back or not.

Luckily we came across a bunch of local guys that were doing earthmoving works in the forest and they set us back on the right track.

We had needed to take the left turn, then at the next crossroads we needed to turn left again. Soon we were back passing the wild ginger and we knew we were nearly back.

The plus side of getting lost was that we found a wild passionfruit vine, my favourite fruit, and we ate as many of them as we could then took loads more for the road.

So it all turned out OK in the end, and it was one of my top hikes in Kauai because of the great memories.

Kalalau Trail on Kauai - Kauai Hiking AdventuresKauai Hike 5: Hanakapi’ai Falls

Difficulty: Difficult

Distance: 4 miles/6.4km one way

Location: The trail starts at the end of the road past Ke’e beach on the Na Pali Coast of Kauai. Parking fills up pretty fast and it’s a popular trail so get there early.

I saved one of the best hiking trails in Kauai (and most difficult) for last! Originally I was going to tackle the entire 11 miles of the challenging Kalalau trail, the most (in)famous Kauai hiking trail and the best option for backpacking Kauai.

It would mean staying at least one night in the valley, and in the end I just wasn’t comfortable doing it by myself – although one of my fellow blogging friends Lindsay did just that and kicked ass.

Instead I did the first two mile section then another two miles inland to the stunning Hanakapi’ai Falls with some new friends from the hostel. This hike is known as one of the best waterfall hikes in Kauai, and it definitely didn’t disappoint,

The first two kilometres were beautiful as we hugged the dramatic Na Pali coast, rising up and down along the sometimes muddy path while the turquoise waves crashed below us.

We were rewarded with views over Ke’e beach at the beginning of the trail then Hanakapi’ai beach at the two mile mark.

From Hanakapiai beach the trail led inland and that’s where it became A LOT more difficult.

Trail to Hanakapiai Falls

Suddenly we were knee deep in mud and with roots also tangled through the path; we really had to watch every step we took. There were also numerous river crossings, some where we were thigh deep in the freezing cold water.

It was certainly an adventure!

Finally seeing the glorious Hanakapi’ai Falls, one of the best Kauai waterfalls, was all worth it. A cold wind was blowing off the powerful falls so despite me and my friend Venessa trying to swim, it was simply too cold so we headed back downstream to a calmer spot on the river that was drenched in afternoon sun for a quick dip.

And then it was time to head back the way we came.

Hanakapiai Falls - Kauai Hiking Adventures

What a hike – definitely one of the best hikes in Kauai. Our bodies were certainly sore the next day.

Hiking Kalalau Trail - Kauai Hiking Adventures

My Kauai hiking adventures turned out to be a highlight of my time on the island and I definitely feel like I got to truly experience the natural scenery on offer.

But then, hiking is always good for that. Hiking in Kauai definitely made me want to hike more of the islands – I have heard the hiking on Oahu is pretty awesome too.

I hiked along stunning Kauai coastline, through jungle and forests, past a world famous canyon and to one of the best waterfalls in Kauai. And I loved it all.

And hiking is just one of many incredible Kauai activities. You can kayak Kauai, embark on a Kauai Helicopter tour, do a Kauai snorkeling tour, go on a Kauai camping trip – there are so many options for Kauai excursions.

For a small island, Kauai certainly packs a punch, and I hope to return one day to explore more Kauai trails, and other Kauai adventures. 

Have you done any Kauai hiking adventures? Have you got any more Kauai hiking trails to add to my list, or any other suggestions of what to do in Kauai?

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  1. There is a fantastic hike I did in Koke’e State Park, near Waimea Canyon, that ends at a lookout over the Na Pali Coast. It’s a hard hike, but well worth it for the views. The hiking on Kauai is so great! I didn’t get to do the Kalalau Trail because it was raining too hard, but I still want to go back and do it someday.

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