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A boat party is one for the books! It’s definitely one of the easiest ways to party in a unique, grand, and intimate way. If you’re planning for a boat party and you don’t quite know where to begin, we got you covered.

We talked to expert boat party planners and collected vital tips to ensure that you have the best boat party ever! Read on, take serious notes, and party away.

Boat Party

How To Plan the Best Boat Party

Insider Tip #1: Simplicity is King

Know that a boat party is ultimately similar to just about all parties – the goal is to celebrate and have fun. You just need to remember that being on a boat requires unique needs. You need to keep in mind that you don’t need to fill your day with loads of activities. Being on the boat itself is magical already.

A maximum of two activities – one is enough already actually – is fine as you should endeavor to have people fully enjoy each other’s company while celebrating as the boat sails.

Insider Tip #2: Number of Guests

Parties always have a particular number of guests. The best party planners always know that one should always be particular with his or her guest numbers to ensure maximum enjoyment and wise use of resources.

Such is also the case with boat parties. To optimize your party-planning activity, make sure that the first thing you finalize is the number of your guests. Note the following:

  • All vessels have a maximum capacity. You should know the maximum capacity of the boat that you will be using. Or, you should look for a boat that can cater to the number of guests that you want to party with.
  • Leave room for possible additional guests.
  • Finalize the number of your guests before looking for a boat hire service. This ensures that you don’t feel restricted by the number of guests you can invite.

Insider Tip #3: Choice of Boarding Location

Boarding location is a unique logistic that is required when you are throwing a boat party. You should keep this in mind as you should ensure that your guests can board at a location that is convenient for them. Consider the following:

  • Driving needs
  • Public transport needs
  • Plans for your cruise – the boarding location will need to make sense for your destination
  • Boarding time

You and your guests should make it a point to at least arrive 15 minutes earlier to avoid delays.

Insider Tip #4: Don’t Obsess About the Weather

It’s easy to be consumed with worry over the weather but worrying about it won’t change anything. You should opt to be proactive and plan accordingly instead.

Plan for activities in case the weather gets gloomy but don’t obsess over it.

Insider Tip #5: Water, Water, Water

This is something that amateur boat party planners always forget. You should never skip properly planning for how much water you will need on board. Keep in mind that a boat party would take place on a sailing boat that has no immediate access to a clean source of drinking water.

Hence, you should come ready with all the water that you and your guests could ever need. Planning for this is easier if you know the following:

  • Your final number of guests
  • Your boat’s maximum weight capacity
  • The fact that a normal person with active needs would require at least three-quarters of a gallon of fluid every day.

Make it a point to prioritize water as no party is fun if its guests are thirsty and dehydrated!

Boat party 2

Insider Tip #6: Food For All

With your water needs duly prepared for, you should then plan for food. Boat party food is no different from other parties. Like with other parties, you could choose different themes and menus to make it fun.

The only thing that you should look out for is ensuring you have enough food for everyone. To make serving easier for you and your hired crew, you can opt for pre-prepared platters.

Insider Tip #7: Items to Limit

You will have a breezy time partying if you would limit the following:

  • party decor
  • extra unnecessary items

You should limit your needs for party decor because it will make boarding and disembarking easier. Vessels already come with a unique aesthetic and you should try to choose a theme that easily melds with it.

A theme that as much as possible won’t require extensive party decor. Remember that you will be required to take everything with you that you bring on board once the party is over. So, don’t bring too much.

Insider Tip #8: Communication is Key

Boat parties are unique so you need to ensure that all your guests are provided with vital boarding and disembarking information. All your guests should have accurate details regarding:

  • cruise date
  • cruise time
  • exact boarding location – it’s best if you provide a map link
  • items that are advised and not advised to be brought onboard – this list should be as detailed as possible

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