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Digital Nomad Life Month 108

Month 108 was a busy month where I worked three shows at the Gorge and did a two-week Canadian Rockies road trip.

I started the month running some last-minute errands before the first show of the year at the Gorge, Illenium. After four days working Illenium, we had a short two-day turnover before Red Hot Chili Peppers – one of the shows I was most looking forward to.

I pushed through the tiredness after working a 12-hour shift to go see them play from the pit, right in front of the stage, and it was a great show. 

Bow Lake on the Icefields Parkway

After a day to pack and recover, I started making my way up to Canada for my two-week Canadian Rockies road trip! I was picking up Dani in Calgary and stopped in Sandpoint for a night on the way to break up the trip.

We had a night in Calgary then headed to Canmore, Banff National Park, Jasper National Park, and Yoho National Park, ending up back in Calgary for one more night at the end.

Peyto Lake

It was a wonderful two weeks of hiking, eating incredible food, exploring cute mountain towns, and seeing lots of colorful lakes, wildlife, and epic mountain scenery. Canada never disappoints.

Then it was back to the Gorge to work Beyond Wonderland, our busiest show of the year so far.

Now onto the stats!

Beyond Wonderland at the Gorge

Countries Visited: USA, Canada

Places Visited:

  • Washington: George, Ephrata, Moses Lake, Spokane, Wenatchee
  • Idaho: Sandpoint
  • Canada: Fernie, Calgary, Canmore, Banff, Jasper, Field

National and State Parks, Monuments, and UNESCO Sites: Bow Valley Provincial Park, Banff National Park, Jasper National Park, Yoho National Park.

Islands Visited: Canada Island in Spokane, Princes Island in Calgary.

Hiking in near Canmore

Best Meals: Fried green tomatoes with fried egg, hashbrowns and a biscuit from Frank’s Diner in Spokane; Roasted tomatoes with whipped feta, roasted beets, kale pesto pasta from Ten Foot Henry in Calgary; Creamed spinach eggs benedict with fried potatoes, fry bread with fresh cream and berry compote from Maven in Calgary; Masala fries with tandoori cauliflower from Blake Restaurant and Brewhouse in Canmore; Mac and cheese and tempura cauliflower from Grizzly Paw in Canmore; Cucumber salad and tempura broccoli from Nourish in Banff; Phony cannelloni – sweet potato stuffed with ricotta and mushroom with tomato sauce from Truffle Pigs in Field; Paneer shaslik tandoori kebabs and garlic naan from Himalayan Spice Bistro in Fernie.

Best Craft Beer: Toasted coconut cream ale from Matchwood Brewing Company in Sandpoint; Peach cream ale from Tin Whistle Brewing Co. in Penticton; Cake Face Birthday Cake Ale from Cold Garden Beverage Company in Calgary; Zingiber Ginger Beer from High Line Brewing in Calgary. 

Canmore downtown


  • Cave B Waterfall Trail in George, WA 4 miles
  • Rundle Forebay Road Trail in Canmore, Alberta 2.5 miles
  • Prairie View Trail in Bow Valley Provincial Park, Alberta 7.2 miles
  • Ha Ling Peak and Miner’s Peak trail in Kananaskis, Alberta 6.1 miles
  • Upper Grassi Lakes Trail from Overflow parking in Canmore, Alberta 3 miles
  • Sulphur Skyline Trail in Jasper National Park, Alberta 5.5 miles
  • Maligne Canyon Loop Trail in Jasper National Park, Alberta 2.8 miles
  • Valley of Five Lakes Trail in Jasper National Park, Alberta 5.5 miles
  • Little Beehive, Lake Agnes, and Plain of Six Glaciers loop in Banff National Park, Alberta 10.5 miles
  • Emerald Lake Loop and Emerald Basin trail in Yoho National Park, British Columbia 6.8 miles
  • Tunnel Mountain trail in Banff National Park, Alberta 2.5 miles

Watching: Hacks Season 3, And Just Like That Season 2, Documentary Now

Reading: Fairytale by Stephen King, Starling House by Alix E. Harrow.

New Posts: No new posts this month.

Emerald Lake in Yoho


Seeing the Chili Peppers at the Gorge

I haven’t seen the Chilis play since waaay back in 2000 so it was so fun to finally see them again. They were one of my favorite bands growing up and although they didn’t play all of my favorite songs, they did cover a few including Parallel Universe, By the Way, Can’t Stop, and The Zephyr Song.

Red Hot Chili Peppers at the Gorge

But the highlight was when they played Under the Bridge as an encore – I have loved this song for 30 years and it was so incredible to see it performed live and up close.

Seeing Joni in Her Element

Little Joni has absolutely loved being an indoor/outdoor cat and spends hours outdoors hunting mice and playing since we have been back at the Gorge. We make sure to keep her inside at night and she doesn’t venture too far from the office or RV, always coming (eventually) when we call. It is so nice to see her so happy and in her element.

Lake Agnes

Two Weeks Roadtripping Through the Canadian Rockies

What an incredible trip this was! I always love returning to the Canadian Rockies, I think it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world and there are always more hikes to do and things to see. I was excited to show my friend Dani around one of my favorite places too.

Moraine Lake

We did some incredible hikes – my favorites were Ha Ling Peak and Miner’s Peak, Sulphur Skyline, and Little Beehive, Lake Agnes, and Plain of Six Glaciers, we visited two historic teahouses, did so many scenic drives, explored the lovely downtowns in Canmore, Banff, Jasper, and Field, and saw lots of wildlife including pikas, chipmunks, elk, deer, big horn sheep, and three black bears.

Bear in Jasper

I’m already thinking about going back again next summer, it is one of my happy places and there is still so much to see – even after six visits.

Hiking in Banff National Park

Staying at Wilderness Hostels

Another highlight of our road trip was staying at HI hostels. Hotel and Airbnb prices started at $300 per night which was way out of our price range and camping in early June would have been pretty cold so the hostels were our best option. 

HI Athabasca Hostel

We stayed at hostels in Canmore, Jasper, and Banff and they were great but my favorites were the two wilderness hostels we stayed at – HI Castle Mountain and HI Athabasca. I stayed at HI Castle Mountain two years ago with my Dad and I loved how cozy it was and how easy it was to meet other travelers and it was exactly the same this time around.

HI Athabasca was more primitive with no running water and basic log cabins to sleep in but I absolutely loved that too. There are so many wilderness hostels in the Canadian Rockies and I want to stay at some of the others next time too.

View from Little Beehive

Incredible Food in the Canadian Rockies

One other big highlight that deserved its own section in the highlights reel was the food we ate in the Canadian Rockies and Calgary. I had so many outstanding meals, nearly every time we ate out it was incredible.

I went through all the amazing things I ate in the best food of the month section earlier in the post if you want food recs for your own trip.

Plain of Six Glaciers Teahouse


Rainy and Cool Weather

Although we had a lot of sunny weather during our trip, there were a few days that were rainy and cold, with lots of snow at higher elevations and some fresh snowfall on the mountaintops. We were definitely happy we weren’t camping!

Hiking in the snow Canadian Rockies

Stress at Work

The start of the season was stressful, trying to get everything ready on time – it always is for the first couple of shows. Things are pretty much all set up now although there are always improvements and changes to make throughout the season.

Hiking at the Gorge


I don’t include international flights in my recaps. Some of my costs are shared with Toby.

Total: USD$2275

Surprisingly low this month but that’s because I was working half the month and my expenses were covered during this time. We also made an effort to keep costs relatively low on our Canadian road trip.

Accommodation $665

My 14 nights of paid accommodation for the month consisted of one night in a rental apartment in Calgary, three nights in a dorm at a hostel in Canmore, one night in a dorm at a hostel in Banff, two nights in a dorm in a wilderness hostel near Jasper, one night in a dorm at a hostel in Jasper, four nights in a dorm in a wilderness hostel near Banff, one night at a hotel in Calgary, one night in a pod at a hostel in Fernie.

My 17 nights of unpaid accommodation for the month consisted of 16 nights onsite at the Gorge in our staff RV, and one night at a motel in Sandpoint (hotel points).

Lake Louise

Food and Drink $613

Not too bad this month. I was working for half the month and food was covered by work, and then we did cook a lot on our Canadian road trip as well which was great for keeping costs low.

Clothing $81.50

  • 2 x Sports bras $22
  • MultiPack of underwear $13
  • Summer sleep shorts $8
  • T-shirt $38.50

Transport $174

  • Gas $157.50
  • Parking $2.50
  • Lake Louise and Moraine Lake Shuttles $14

Sulphur Skyline hike in Jasper

Activities $110.50

  • One Year Canadian National Parks Discovery Pass $110.50

Other $539.50

  • U.S. Phone plan $35
  • Spotify $12
  • One Drive storage $2
  • Toiletries $194
  • Cat stuff $13
  • Garmin monthly subscription $7.50
  • Netflix $3.50
  • Hulu $8.50
  • Headphones $21.50
  • Day pack $70
  • Presents $81.50
  • Laundry $4
  • Souvenirs $4
  • USB charged blender $28
  • Sandals $33
  • Macbook Charger $22

Website Costs $12

  • Monthly payment for Keysearch $12

Vehicle Costs $79.50

  • RV and van insurance $79.50

View from Ha Ling Peak

What’s in Store For Next Month

Coming up next month I have three shows to work – Noah Kahan, Odesza, and Blink 182 – with some travel peppered in between shows.

I’m planning a couple of days in Seattle, a five-day trip camping and hiking in the Mount Baker area, and visiting Bellingham and Camano Island, and then my brother is flying in.

He will be at the Gorge to see Blink 182 and I’m excited to show him where I work, and then the last week of the month we will be traveling around Vancouver Island including Victoria, Sooke, Port Renfrew, and Tofino. I couldn’t stay away from Canada for too long.

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