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Four important things no traveler should be withoutTraveling around the world soon teaches you what items every traveler needs to have. So, today I thought I would share with you some essential things that a lot of holidaymakers forget about when booking their trip and packing.

Travel Insurance

Top of the list is to have some sort of international health insurance. Traveling without it is a huge mistake. Unfortunately, you will likely only realise this when it is too late. 

Every year, tens of thousands of tourists find themselves having to pay large medical bills out of their own pocket, simply because they have not bought the right type of travel insurance.

Usually, they have not done so because they have wrongly assumed that their credit card or bank health insurance covers them abroad. Sadly, a lot of them only find out that this is not the case when they try to make a claim. In some cases, the bill can run to tens of thousands of dollars. 

Four important things no traveler should be without - spare credit card

A Spare Credit Card for Use in Emergencies

When you travel, it is wise to be ready for any eventuality. Having access to a second credit card can really help you with this.

If your flights get cancelled, you will be able to book new ones and claim back the cost on your travel insurance. If you only have one card and you have already reached your credit limit, you would not be able to do this.

It is also a good idea to keep your spare card separate from your other cards. This reduces the temptation to use it. Plus, if your wallet or purse gets stolen, you can dig your spare card out and use that until your normal card is replaced.

A Basic First Aid Kit

Being able to bandage up a small wound or take a tablet to get rid of a headache without having to find a chemist or doctor is always a good idea. That way, minor injuries or illnesses will not stop you from enjoying the rest of your day.

You don’t want cutting your hand, while on the beach, to lead to your having to leave and seek medical help. If you have some antiseptic cream and a few plasters in your bag, you can sort it out yourself and get on with enjoying your holiday.

Four important things no traveler should be without - first aid kit

A Written List of Emergency Contact Numbers

We all rely heavily on our phones. If we lose our phone or if it’s stolen, we struggle, as suddenly we no longer have access to essential phone numbers.

This means that you can’t even ring your travel insurance provider to report the fact that your phone has been stolen.

That is why, before you travel, you should make a list of important telephone numbers and things like the policy number of your travel insurance. Usually, you can fit all of those details onto half a sheet of paper to keep somewhere safe.

You would be surprised by how often these four small things can get you out of trouble. But, if you are looking for a more comprehensive list, this is a particularly good one.

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