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Whether you’re heading to the beach, hitting a street market or sightseeing in a beautiful city, when you’re on the road it can be difficult to know what you should take with you in your day bag. 

You want to have the essentials but not be lumbered with a huge bag that will either make you a target for thieves, or make walking around cumbersome and uncomfortable. It’s a difficult balance to get right!

So, with this in mind, I’ve listed eight of the most important items you should take in your day bag when you’re out exploring. 

What to pack in your day bag

A Light, Waterproof Jacket

A must-have in any day bag. You might be visiting a hot country, but if there is a sudden deluge or if night creeps in and the temperature starts to drop, then you’ll be glad you remembered your lightweight jacket. 

Hand Sanitiser 

Keeping healthy on the road is much easier when you can keep your hands clean and the germs at bay. Including a little bottle of hand sanitiser or wipes in your day bag, means you can give your hands a quick clean before eating, after handling money and after you’ve been to the toilet. 

Hand sanitiser is ideal if the hand washing facilities aren’t up to scratch!

Your Camera

Reaching a beautiful viewpoint, discovering a famous landmark, or capturing a special moment is usually the time you reach for your camera. So, when you discover you’ve left it behind you’re going to kick yourself! 

Having your camera handy means that you can build on your memories of the trip, and when you get home you can create a wall canvas of your favorite photographs, or upload them to social media. 

So, make sure your camera is in your day bag! 

Make sure to pack your camera in your day pack

Power Bank

If you’re out all day, then it’s always best to anticipate your phone is going to need more juice. Packing a power bank in your day bag means that you can enjoy taking photos, videos and using your phone’s GPS without the worry of your phone dying on you. 

Your ID or Passport

It’s always a good idea to have some form of identification on you when you’re out for the day. If you’re uncomfortable with carrying your passport around then consider taking a photocopy with you instead and leaving the original safe at your accommodation. 


Avoid getting hangry and keep those hunger pangs at bay by taking some snacks along in your day bag. Simple items such as cereal bars, fruit, crackers and rice cakes will keep you going until lunchtime. 

Water Bottle

Keeping yourself hydrated is important, especially if your destination is a hot one. Packing a reusable water bottle is an absolute must for any traveler. Make sure you keep it filled!

Make sure to pack a water bottle in your day bag

Sun Protection

Again, if your destination is in a hotter climate, then keeping yourself protected from the sun all day is imperative. Bring a hat, a high factor sun cream, water and sunglasses. Squinting all day is irritating and will only give you a headache. 

I hope this list of items to take in your day bag has been helpful!

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