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Why You Should Do a Small Group Tour to the Grand Canyon

Want to do a Grand Canyon small group tour from Las Vegas but don’t know which one to choose? Here’s why you should choose MaxTour…

If you can drag yourself away from the slot machines and buffets (and you should), one of the best days out from Las Vegas is to visit the Grand Canyon. It really is one of the most impressive natural wonders of the world and seeing it in person is a must – photos don’t do it justice.

The best way to visit the Grand Canyon from Vegas is to take a small group tour, and king of the small group tour in Vegas is MaxTour. They invited me on their Grand Canyon West and Hoover Dam tour from Vegas and it was an excellent day out. 

If you are planning a trip to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas, here are all the reasons why you should choose MaxTour.

Eagle Point in Grand Canyon West

Why You Should Choose MaxTour For Your Grand Canyon Small Group Tour

You Visit Lots of Southwest Highlights in One Day

Let’s start with everything you get to see in one day if you choose MaxTour for your Grand Canyon small group tour. While the Grand Canyon is the main sight of the day, I really enjoyed the other five stops we had just as much.

You get to take photos at the iconic ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign, marvel at the colorful Seven Magic Mountains art installation in the desert, learn about the history and walk over the Hoover Dam, enjoy a scenic view over Lake Mead, and walk a short trail amongst a high concentration of unique Joshua trees. 

Welcome to Las Vegas sign

And then at Grand Canyon West, we were given time at both Eagle Point to do the incredible Skywalk, and Guano Point where you can walk a short loop trail to see the remains of an old guano mine and spectacular views into the canyon.

So many highlights in only one day!

Guano Point in Grand Canyon West

They Have the Highest Review Score Online

It’s not often you see a business on Google or TripAdvisor with a 5 out of 5 review score, but that is exactly what MaxTour has on multiple review platforms. They work hard for this score and it is well-deserved. Why choose another tour company that has a lower score when you can book with the best?

Hoover Dam

The Tour is Small and Personal

One of the main aspects of the tour I loved was that it is a small group tour so you are not a faceless and nameless member of a large group.

There were 13 of us plus our guide and that was the perfect number for everyone to get to know each other, to be able to ask questions and chat with our guide, and to have everything run on time with it only taking a minute to get everyone on and off the van.

Joshua Tree forest

Their Tour Guides Go Above and Beyond

I’m sure that all the tour guides who work for MaxTour are excellent but I can’t help but think that we had the best guide. It was obvious how much our guide Bobby loved his job and his enthusiasm and positive attitude were infectious.

He really went above and beyond, taking professional quality photos of everyone, letting us know lots of interesting facts and information about the places we were visiting, and he spent almost an hour going through all his favorite restaurants in Vegas because we asked him for recommendations.

Group at Seven Magic Mountains

Tour group at Seven Magic Mountains by Tour Guide Bobby

Bobby learned everyone’s names, was very engaging with all of the group, and had us laughing for the whole tour. You really can’t find better tour guides than with MaxTour.

You Get VIP Entrance To Grand Canyon West

MaxTour is the only tour company allowed to take their groups past the Visitor Center at Grand Canyon West  in their own vans – every other tour company has to use the park’s regular hop-on-hop-off shuttle service. When the park is busy there are long waits for buses so we felt really lucky to just drive directly in with no wait.

Grand Canyon West Skywalk

Skywalk at Grand Canyon West by Tour Guide Bobby

Enjoy Unlimited Snacks and Drinks

I love that MaxTour has unlimited snacks and cold drinks that you can grab during any of the stops during the day. There were blueberry muffins, bananas, granola bars, and a variety of chips, as well as iced coffee, various sodas, flavored sparking waters, and regular water. 

The tour also stops at a gas station at lunchtime to get Subway (not included in the tour price) if you haven’t packed your lunch. So convenient!

Seven Magic Mountains

The Tour is Well Organized and Efficient

It was incredible that with all of the stops on the tour, we stayed perfectly on schedule – it made me feel like I was back in Japan. Along with everything running to schedule, we had a good amount of time to see everything at each stop, and the stops were done in a way that I never felt like we were in the van too long at a time.

So have I convinced you to do a Grand Canyon small group tour with MaxTour? I hope so, you won’t regret it.

Thanks to Max Tour for hosting me on their Grand Canyon small group tour from Las Vegas, all opinions are definitely my own – I really did love it.

Grand Canyon West

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