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Have you ever felt that urge to visit a place right after seeing its beauty and charm on the big screen? You’re not alone. Many people catch the travel bug after catching a glimpse of some breathtaking locations in a movie.

There are different types of travel enthusiasts out there – the ones where the hero goes on a journey from point A to point B, usually learning a life lesson along the way. 

And then, there are those silver screen movies where our hero or heroine simply hangs out in some far-off, exotic location. For now, let’s focus on those movies about traveling the world where the journey itself is the destination, the ones that make you want to grab your suitcase and travel the world.

Santa Monica

The Holiday 

The Holiday is the story of a movie producer and a reporter who decide to swap homes for a few weeks after discovering their respective partners have been unfaithful. They made the decision to swap homes on Christmas.

The result? Both women find new casual romantic partners, who they end up falling for. You’ll be treated to glamorous shots of Los Angeles and cozy scenes from the English countryside that’ll make you want to pack your bags and head to either place immediately.


Sometimes, walking is the best way to heal from a tragic event in life. Enter Reese Witherspoon as Cheryl Strayed, who takes on the over 2000-mile-long Pacific Crest Trail. This movie is based on Strayed’s own book, in which she decided more or less on a whim to undertake this life-changing adventure. 

She completed her journey on foot in three months. You’ll follow her for over 90 days and 1,100 miles as she tries to beat all the odds – despite having no previous hiking experience and lugging around a massive backpack – all in an effort to get her life back on track.

Biker looking at mountain view(1)

One Week

This one is a personal favorite among travel movies. And it’s not just because it’s set in Canada. “One Week” follows a young man on a cross-country motorcycle road trip across Canada after receiving a terminal cancer diagnosis.

It showcases Canada’s beauty in all its glory. “One Week” is an uplifting and enlightening film about self-discovery and the ultimate Canadian road trip.


Sure, it’s a bit of a naughty teen comedy, but it’s also one of the most hilarious movies about traveling for teens out there. The movie kicks off with a cameo by Matt Damon singing the classic “Scotty Doesn’t Know,” which actually originated from this Eurotrip travel flick. 

After Scotty discovers that his girlfriend is cheating on him, he jets off to Europe with three pals to track down his long-lost German pen pal. Along the way, they stumble upon European nude beaches, quirky sex dungeons, and wild European raves.

I watched this movie back in 2004, and it’s still a riot to watch and laugh at over 15 years later.

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Join the legendary explorer, Thor Heyerdahl, as he goes on a daring quest to prove that Polynesia was settled by South Americans rather than Asians. He planned to cross the Pacific Ocean to prove that it was possible for people living in South America to settle in Polynesia before the Columbian era. 

Kon-Tiki travel movie

Kon-Tiki was nominated for the Best Foreign Film Oscar Award. This film is a thrilling watch that showcases the awe-inspiring beauty of the Pacific Ocean. It’s bound to inspire you to push your exploration boundaries as you plan your own travel adventure!

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

This film paints a vivid picture of taking a ‘leap of faith’ and breaking free from the routine of everyday life. Walter Mitty’s journey is a captivating tale that’ll leave you yearning for adventure!

After watching this movie, I found myself longing to explore the stunning countries of Greenland and Iceland. It also served as a reminder of how one can trade their busy routine to turn their dreams into reality. 

Summing Up

So, these are six incredible movies about traveling the world that show you breathtaking views of beautiful locations. You can watch them and choose a location you feel is the best to plan a holiday with your friends or family.

Iceland with kids

However, the movies only show you how beautiful the locations are in the context of the story of the film. To know about the destinations in detail, you need to do your research into the culture, the best time to visit, the availability of flights and hotels, etc.

So, watch these movies, pick a beautiful destination, plan a trip, and get ready for a holiday adventure!

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