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The Best Places To Visit in Jodhpur in 2 Days

If you only have a short time to visit Jodhpur, I put together a list of the best places to visit in Jodhpur in 2 days, although you could squeeze it all into one day if that is all you have. Enjoy!

I visited Jodhpur in March 2020 to celebrate Holi, only a few days before the pandemic was announced. It’s crazy to think now that I was walking around in crowds of people, with everyone touching each other’s faces and hugging when the world shut down and we had to isolate from each other so soon after.

Even though the black cloud that is COVID was brewing, I still loved my time in Jodhpur, and celebrating Holi there was a dream. Along with Holi celebrations, we enjoyed all of the other things to do in Jodhpur, and in my opinion, Jodhpur is a must-visit in Northern India.

Toor Ji ka Jhalra Stepwell is one of the best places to visit in Jodhpur in 2 days

Jodhpur is located in the Thar Desert in the Northern Indian state of Rajasthan. It is known as the Blue City as there are a large number of buildings in the old town that have been painted blue. This city is quite an impressive site with an imposing fort on a rocky hilltop overlooking the narrow and maze-like streets of the old town.

You could easily spend a couple of days just wandering the interesting streets of the old town and trying the local cuisine at different restaurants, but there are a few places to visit in Jodhpur that you should definitely make time for, and if you only have a day or two you should be able to squeeze these in.

Top Places To Visit in Jodhpur in 2 Days

Jodhpur is a very worthwhile destination, even if you only have one or two days to explore. Here are the places to visit in Jodhpur in 2 days that you shouldn’t miss.

Best Places to visit in Jodhpur in 2 days map

Check out my interactive map for the best things to do, where to eat, and where to stay in Jodhpur.

Visit the Toorji Ka Jhalra Baoli (Stepwell)

Probably the most impressive stepwell I saw during my travels through Northern India, the Toorji Ka Jhalra Baoli is a fantastic spot for people-watching, photography, or just relaxing on the steps below the rim.

Unlike a lot of other stepwells in Rajasthan, you are allowed to walk down into this one, and I enjoyed taking photos of it from different angles. It was built in the 1740s and was submerged for over a century before it was recently drained and restored.

Jodhpur stepwell is one of the best places to visit in Jodhpur in 2 days

This rose-red Jodhpur sandstone stepwell with intricate carvings has to be seen to be believed.

Grab lunch or a drink at the classy Stepwell Cafe that sits over three levels right above the stepwell.

Cost: Free
Hours: 24 hours

Tour Mehrangarh Fort

Mehrangarh Fort is one of the most impressive of the forts in Rajasthan as well as one of the best-preserved, and it is an absolute must-see in Jodhpur whether you are into history or not.

Mehrangarh Fort is one of the top places to visit in Jodhpur in 2 days

This red sandstone fort was built in the 15th century and was home to the senior branch of the Rajput clan known as the Rathores for five centuries.

The reputably cursed fort sits on a rocky ridge, towering over the blue city of Jodhpur below. It is a stunning sight, especially at night when viewing it from a rooftop restaurant in the city below.

The best way to reach Mehrangarh Fort is to walk up there from the old city, enjoying the views of the fort and over the city as you get closer. If you aren’t able to walk up there, you can take a taxi up as there is a road that leads to the entrance.

It has been developed as a museum, and an excellent audio guide takes you through the fort and museum, showcasing life in the fort, Rajasthan culture, and traditional arts and crafts of Rajasthan.

Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur

A lot of the rooms of the palace are remarkably well-preserved and beautifully decorated, and we really enjoyed exploring them.

Cost: 600 rupees/approx $8
Hours: 9am – 5pm, 7 days a week

Eat Out at Local Restaurants

There are a few restaurants that we enjoyed eating at during our time in Jodhpur.

My favorite place to eat and hang out in Jodhpur is definitely the Blue Bird Rooftop Restaurant. We had a couple of meals here and loved the food, the drinks, and the spectacular views over the fort – especially at night when it was lit up.

See Mehrangarh Fort at night - one of the best places to visit in Jodhpur in 2 days

We made friends with the owner and felt incredibly welcome here – we even spent the afternoon of Holi here, making new friends and enjoying a couple of drinks. It was a great escape when the chaos of Holi got a bit much.

You can find it on Google Maps listed as Blue Bird.

The Stepwell Cafe is another must for its location, with views over the impressive Toorji Ka Jhalra stepwell and up to the fort from the rooftop. The menu has lots of delicious options, and you can also get good-quality coffees, shakes, and even alcoholic beverages.

Stepwell in Jodhpur

Another great restaurant that we enjoyed was Sam’s Art Cafe, just down the road from the stepwell. This eclectic art cafe serves fantastic coffee, as well as having a lot of delicious vegan options on the menu.

Wander the Laneways of the Blue City

Within the walls of the old city, there is a maze of narrow alleyways, and the best way to experience them is just to wander aimlessly. Take lots of photos of the striking blue buildings and elegant Havelis, visit different shops and restaurants, and people watch – this city is the perfect place to explore on foot.

You definitely need to make time to just wander this interesting and historic city as the old town of the city is one of the best places to visit in Jodhpur in 2 days, or more.

Make sure you mark your accommodation on Google Maps before you set off so you can find your way back!

The old city is one of the best places to visit in Jodhpur in 2 days

How To Plan Your Jodhpur Trip

Getting To and From Jodhpur

If you are traveling around Rajasthan, then it is common to travel to Jodhpur from Udaipur before heading on to Jaisalmer – this is what we did.

I highly, highly recommend hiring a car and driver to take you from Udaipur to Jodhpur, stopping at Kumbhalgarh Fort – home to the second-longest wall in the world after the Great Wall of China – and the famous Ranakpur Jain Temple on the way. These are both incredible sites and so worth visiting!

Kumbalgarh Fort

We booked our car and driver from a travel agent in Udaipur, but you could also ask at your hotel or hostel. Alternatively, you can catch either a bus or train from Udaipur to Jodhpur, this would take between 4.5 – 6 hours.

To get from Jodhpur to Jaisalmer, your best option is to take a bus. It was cheap and comfortable, and around a 5-hour journey. There are also trains but they were at very inconvenient times when I checked, and more expensive than the bus.

Book online if you want to travel by train with 12go – this was a lifesaver and made things so much easier during our India travels – or if you want to catch a bus, you can book directly at the bus station online with Red Bus.

Blue City from Mehrangarh Fort

Where to Stay in Jodhpur

The haveli (a traditional Indian mansion) we stayed in during our time in Jodhpur is no longer open, unfortunately, but I loved staying in a haveli with a local family, and I think that experiencing a haveli stay is a must.

For a haveli experience, stay at either JHANKAR Haveli which has a peaceful garden, a rooftop restaurant with fort views, and a great location in the old city. Or at Krishna Prakash Heritage Haveli Hotel, which has a pool and a rooftop restaurant, and is also located in the old city.

There are also a few great hostels in Jodhpur, and they are a solid option if you are traveling alone or if you just want to meet fellow travelers. 

Blue City of Jodhpur

Moustache Hostel is a great hostel choice – we stayed at the Moustache in Udaipur and loved this trendy, boutique hostel chain. Moustache Jodhpur has terraces, social areas, an in-house theater, and restaurant.

I also really love The Hosteller Indian hostel chain, and The Hosteller in Jodhpur offers beautiful rooms and views of the fort from the rooftop.

If you really want to treat yourself in Jodhpur, stay at luxurious Ratan Vilas. This red sandstone mansion is the home of a Maharaj, and every room is beautifully decorated with antiques. Enjoy the relaxing pool, and eat by candlelight in the restaurant courtyard.

The Best Travel Insurance for Your India Trip

Make sure you get travel and health insurance before your India trip – this is very important! Safety Wing is my go-to and they are cheap and easy to claim with. 

Safety Wing also allows you to sign up when you are already traveling, unlike a lot of other travel insurance providers.

Also, don’t forget to pack this awesome water bottle with a heavy-duty filter – it’ll allow you to drink from the tap during your time in India, saving money as well as being more environmentally friendly.

So have I convinced you to visit Jodhpur? 

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