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Located on the southern coast of Spain, Malaga is one of the oldest cities in the world, and a region with a large expat community – around 16.7% of the residents are international to be exact.

The city is renowned for its golden coastlines, vibrant nightlife, and reasonable prices, so there’s no wonder relocating to Malaga is a popular option for so many people.

Before you up and move yourself to start a new life in the sun, there are some things you should be aware of. Here’s our guide to help you relocate to Malaga with ease and have you settled in no time.

Relocating to Malaga

What is Work Life Like in Malaga?

When it comes to working in Malaga, you’ll probably have to wing it at times. Unless you’re fortunate enough to work for an established company, you’re going to need to get accustomed to short-term contracts and dynamic working environments.

However, due to a higher population of internationals, there is a less competitive job market and your chances of finding work are much higher than in other major cities in Spain.

Malaga Cathedral

How Can You Transport Your Goods Overseas?

One of the more stressful aspects of relocating to Malaga is having your belongings shipped over. There are services available to help with this, with the easiest and fastest being by air freight. These services are often the most expensive, particularly for larger and heavier items, so should be used wisely.

If you’re in no rush, you could opt for having your possessions shipped via sea freight. These services could take well over a month to eventually turn up but is ideal for keeping costs down.

What’s the Social Scene Like?

The majority of the locals in Malaga do not speak English, except for those working in tourism, hospitality, or international companies. Learning some basic Spanish is a must if you want to socialize with the community.

However, there is a large expat community within Malaga already, so it’s fairly easy to meet other individuals in the same situation.

You may want to keep in touch with family and relatives from back home as well. There are many ways this can be done but depends entirely on what works for you. Technology is usually the go-to method of communication, through video calls and messaging platforms, although a postcard never goes amiss.

Regardless, you can never beat a face-to-face visit, so invite your guests to stay at yours for a weekend when you’re available. Let them know where to fly to, arrange their private transfers from Malaga airport and enjoy the time you have to spend together!

Malaga housing

Where’s the Best Place To Find Accommodation?

Monthly rent in Malaga has been increasing over recent years and it can be difficult to find accommodation at a fair price within the city center.

Fortunately, there are various districts outside the bounds of the center that are much more reasonable – you can look for apartment rentals on Homelike. The public transport within these locations is often reliable, ensuring you get from A to B in a timely manner.

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