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If you’ve been to Delaware before, you might think you know it. Even if you’ve never visited the state, perhaps you have an idea of what it’s like. But there is a lot more to Delaware than you would think.

Beyond the history and the beaches, there are all kinds of things for you to check out when exploring Delaware. There is a hidden side of the state that is definitely worth uncovering.

So next time you’re thinking of visiting Delaware, check out these more off-the-beaten-path things to do there.

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Explore Trendy Wilmington

If you’ve been to Delaware, it’s likely you’ve stopped in Wilmington. It’s the biggest city in the state, and it has a lot to offer. But have you explored the trendier side of Wilmington?

The city is still evolving and a new scene is starting to emerge. You can tell there are exciting things starting to happen, with some of the best hotels in Wilmington DE brimming with personality and thrilling new food and drink options arriving in the city. Live music, breweries, and art exhibits are just some of the options for the hip and happening crowd in Wilmington.

Check Out Some Spooky Locations

For those who like the spooky side of life, Delaware is a treasure trove of haunting opportunities. Its long history means that there are some hair-raising places to visit that you won’t want to miss if the paranormal or supernatural is your thing.

Fort Delaware State Park is one of the places you should head to if you’re looking for a fright. Fort Delaware was built in the 1800s and was used as a prison camp for Confederate prisoners during the Civil War. Today, you have the chance to see a ghost or two, in between the many birds that also live in the area.

Take a Trip to Roadside Attractions

Roadside attractions are perfect for breaking up a long road trip, and Delaware has plenty of them. From the Old Mill Giant Crab in Delmar to the towers built in World War II to keep a lookout for German U-boats, there are all kinds of strange and wonderful things to see.

Take a trip to Milton to find Futuro House, a small home in the shape of a UFO. This futuristic home dates back to the 1970s when a local developer teamed up with a Finnish designer of modular homes. They didn’t catch on, but one still remains.

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Head To Rehoboth Beach For Spicy Ice Cream

You’ve probably tried a range of different ice cream flavors, but have you ever had it with hot sauce? At The Ice Cream Store in Rehoboth Beach, that’s exactly what you’ll find.

They make many of their own flavor combinations, including Devil’s Breath Carolina Reaper Pepper featuring cinnamon and Ed’s Carolina Reaper Pepper Mash, as well as Mayan Chocolate Cinnamon with a hint of Cayenne. Head there in the summer when it’s open for the season.

Uncover a new and exciting side of Delaware with these fun ideas for discovering the state from every angle.

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