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If you are asking yourself why you should travel solo to Singapore, this first statement will probably dispel your main concerns, as Singapore is one of the safest places on Earth.

Safety is one of our biggest worries when considering a solo travel destination. So, you don’t need to worry about it here, just enjoy your planning process and take a look at our special tips on the five must-see spots in Singapore for solo travelers.

5 Must-See Spots in Singapore For Solo Travelers

1. Walk Around the Colonial District

The colonial district is the heart of Singapore. This region was the center of British power, where you can observe retro-futuristic architecture, mixing the past and the modern present. You can also see the Central Business District in the background.

Raffles Hotel in Singapore

Our advice is to walk through its streets and check out the Victoria Concert Hall & Theatre, the Old Parliament House (an arts center these days), St. Andrew’s Cathedral, the City Hall, and the Old Supreme Court.

Besides these historical buildings, there are several museums worth checking out if you have more time. These include the National Museum of Singapore, the Asian Civilizations Museum, and the Peranakan Museum.

Extra Tip: The museums are free for students and the public on weekends.

2. China Town and the Central Business District

The coolest thing you’ll see here, for sure, is the contrast between modernity and traditional Chinese architecture.

You can enjoy a unique dining experience in the Hawker Centers, the food courts with a different concept from what we find in the West, such as the ones on Maxwell Road and Smith Road.

China town for Singapore solo travelers

They are very popular with locals, especially because Singapore is an expensive destination. Locals are serious about eating well and cheaply.

Extra Tip: Visit this area on weekdays, as a lot of places are closed on weekends.

3. Marina Bay

Next to the Colonial District is Marina Bay, Singapore’s postcard city-state and financial district, where iconic skyscrapers have been built. Among them are the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and its famous infinity pool.

Big City Life in Singapore

You can also see the Ferris wheel, the famous and futuristic Gardens By The Bay with its beautiful artificial trees that light up every night, and the Merlion. This fountain is half lion and half fish, the symbol of the Lion City.

Extra Tip: Apart from the Merlion, which is a monument, visiting these tourist attractions can be quite expensive, but in any case, it is interesting to visit the Bay Front to enjoy the view if nothing else.

4. Botanic Gardens

Who doesn’t love botanic gardens? If you love visiting botanic gardens on your travels, you definitely should not skip this one. It is one of the best nature places in Singapore.

Orchids at Singapore Botanic Gardens

The highlight of the Singapore Botanic Gardens is the Orchid nursery, with a huge collection of carefully cultivated plants. Visiting the garden is free, but admission to the Orchid nursery is paid separately. Visit the gardens for a daytime stroll or even a picnic.

5. Little India

This neighborhood is like a different reality compared to the rest of Singapore. You’ll find a vibrant cultural scene, temples, street art, and colorful shophouses. Explore the gold and fabric shops, Hindu temples, and restaurants that will teleport you to India. It is an assault on the senses – in a good way.

Little India in Singapore

Exploring Singapore alone can be fun and not actually lonely at all, as you’ll probably find other solo travelers doing the same.

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