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Travelling in 2020 is without a doubt going to be very different to any other trip you have ever been on before. Due to the global Covid-19 pandemic and the precautions being taken by countries around the world, travel restrictions are tight and might not be lifted for some time.

Despite the dwindling chances of traveling to and exploring a new paradise, we must stay positive for the future of travel – because things will settle down eventually. Life will get back on track, just with some extra safety measures in place.

To stay optimistic about future travel plans, we put together this list of 5 solo travel essentials.

Must have items for solo travel

5 Must Have Items to Pack for a Solo Travel Adventure

1. Mobile Phone, Charger & Accessories

This one obviously tops the list for good reason, as chances are you wouldn’t leave the house without your phone, so why dream of traveling without it. Not only does it keep you connected with the world back home, but it also gives you access to maps, a camera and a whole host of other features which you will no doubt become reliant on at some point during you trip.

Make sure when packing to remember your charger, a travel adaptor and a waterproof case, to make sure you are fully charged and protected from the elements.

Pack a phone for your solo travels

2. First Aid Kit

Hopefully you won’t be needing this one, but if you do it’s always handy to have a well-stocked first aid kit with you as you never know where you will be, who you will be with and what access to healthcare there will be, so having the essentials on hand can be a huge help and safety net if you were to need it.

Make sure you have the basics in your kit, such as sun protection and after sun, insect repellent, plenty of plasters and some antibacterial spray. The NHS have a comprehensive list of first aid kit essentials for you to check out.

Pack a first aid kit for your solo travels

3. Appropriate Clothing

Like a mobile phone, this is one you would struggle to forget, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to plan your clothing choices wisely, especially if you are traveling carry-on only, as it is very easy to forget individual items or completely omit certain things from your list. 

It’s important to check the weather of your destinations, and pack for all weather conditions. I would highly advise taking some waterproofs as well as something comfy, which for me is always my personalised hoodie from Banana Moon so I know that no matter how far away I am from home comforts, I always have my comfy hoody.

4. Water Bottle

With environmental preservation a key talking point right now, we all need to make small changes to cut down plastic. A great way to achieve this is by using your own water bottle and continually refilling it.

This is easily done at home where we know the water is safe, but when you are travelling it’s a different story, as even the cleanest looking water could cause you harm. Be sure to find a water bottle with a built-in filter to be safe.

Pack a water bottle on your solo travels

5. Combination Lock

There is no single quicker way to ruin a trip than having your belongings stolen, especially after taking so long to organise and pack them in the first place.

A brilliant way to help prevent your belongings being tampered with in your hostel locker is by packing your own lock, that way you know nobody else can access your stuff.

A really great piece of advice would be to take a combination lock, as with a traditional padlock and key you could find you misplaced the key, and not being able to get your stuff is almost as bad as having it stolen.

Tips for solo travel

So those are my must pack items for a solo traveler, would you add anything else to the list?

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