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Traveling to Myanmar conjures up images of thousands of temples, golden pagodas and a sea of hot air balloons. While these mystical landscapes have captured the interest of more and more travelers each year, that doesn’t mean the rest of the country doesn’t offer spectacular sights and activities as well.

The hikes in Myanmar aren’t often discussed when it comes to tourism, but they are a real treat. While many of the walking tours traverse rural villages and rice paddies, the hikes in Myanmar take visitors through lush greenery, past rushing waterfalls and wild nature.

Whether you plan your own hike or book a walking tour with, your Myanmar adventure is likely to be a success if you visit these five spots.

Hiking through the mountains - Trekking Kalaw to Inle Lake

The Hsipaw Region

A full-day hiking tour around the Hsipaw region is one of the best treks in the country. Starting out in the town of Hsipaw itself, you’ll wander through the laid-back town before heading out on your journey.

The first two hours take wanderers through rice paddies, past cemeteries and along a stream. After that, the trek gets more difficult, with three to four hours along a rocky, uphill road.

Expect to pass by fields filled with crops, a tea plantation and small Shan villages with stunning mountain backdrops.

Once travelers reach Phan Khan village, they’ll enjoy lunch and the chance to meet and talk with locals – with the help of the guide and translator – learning about their lifestyle before taking the same path back to Hsipaw.

Mount Kyaiktiyo

One of the most sacred places in Myanmar, Mount Kyaiktiyo is home to a giant golden boulder on the mountaintop. The site has been a popular pilgrimage path for centuries, with a small pagoda sitting atop a gold-leafed covered rock.

Located in the southern part of the country, the ancient trail is incredibly strenuous but provides an atmospheric hike. The steep path is nearly 11 kilometers in length, which can take up to six hours to complete.

But those looking for a shorter walk have another option. It’s possible to drive most of the way, picking up the trailhead about an hour from the top.

Nam Tok Waterfall

Another walking tour originating from Hsipaw, this half-day adventure leads travelers along verdant rolling hills and through a rice paddy before ending at Nam Tok Waterfall.

Beneath the fan shaped waterfall, calm pools make the perfect swimming holes. Enjoy the beauty of the local landscape and beat the heat in the cool water.

Aside from the falls, there is a limestone cave just to the side that visitors can climb to.

Climbing further, wanderers will reach a viewpoint with panoramas of an ancient pagoda and neighbouring royal tomb. After exploring the area to your heart’s content, the trail heads back to town.

The Himalayas

The expansive Himalayas, which are found in a variety of Asian countries, are obviously an ideal place to hike. Home to the tallest peak in the world, Mount Everest, the jagged ridges and snowy peaks make for incredible views.

Views are especially gorgeous at Phon Kan Razi, a 3,000-meter trek up the mountain. Right on the Indian border, this adventure will last over a week. Expect to wander forests and valleys as well as small villages set far away from modern conveniences.

These hikes, whether single or multi-day, tend to be rather strenuous, with altitude sickness a major concern. If you plan to hike here, prepare for the isolated environment.

Yay Pyan Taung Waterfall

Another full-day experience, the walking tour to Yay Pyan Taung is as strenuous as some of the other hikes if only for the time it takes. Along the way, expect to pass a variety of agricultural fields, including strawberries, coffee and plenty of vegetables.

Also along the way, visitors will meander through forests that are home to eucalyptus, oak and pine trees. These, along with the lush plant vegetation along the path, give way to sloping hills filled with cascading waterfalls.

And these are just a handful of the incredible hikes in Myanmar! There is so much more to discover in beautiful Myanmar. For more ideas or for help planning your hike or walk, Flymya can help travelers with this too.

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