Beautiful Batad - The World on my Necklace

Exploring the Centuries-Old Batad Rice Terraces: A Philippines Must-Do

If you want an unforgettable cultural and historical experience in the Philippines, don’t miss visiting the Batad Rice Terraces in Northern Luzon. Read on to find out more… Batad is a small village located in the Cordillera mountains of Northern Luzon in the Philippines. It is beautiful, remote, and historically significant, and getting there involves […] Read more…

24 hours in Singapore

How To Spend 24 Hours in Singapore

Flying anywhere around Christmas time is bound to be expensive. Flights between Sydney and South Africa were no exception. After spending hours finding the cheapest flights possible, we ended up splitting it in half and getting return flights from Sydney to Singapore and Singapore to Johannesburg. We knew it was cheaper to fly via Asia […] Read more…