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If you’re looking for somewhere to explore without getting too far from the luxury hotel complexes, Cancun is perfect. It has tons of places worth visiting that cater well to tourists, and a few lesser-known spots to escape the crowds.

Those that are happy to get up early to beat the masses of tourists should look into the archaeological zone El Rey (the King) to see two main streets and squares left from pre-colonial times. This was the first place in Cancun that the Spanish explored and is very close to the Mirador, just off the beach. If you’re happy to get up early then the cycling track around Cancun doesn’t fill up till around 9am and later on weekends, with people roller-skating and pedaling bikes.

If you’re looking for a quieter location, a less frequented beach that’s perfect for those traveling with kids is Playa Langosta, which is not far from the canals of Laguna Nichupté. This is a great place to visit while backpacking as it is easy to reach by bus or taxi.

Finest Playa Mujeres luxury resort in Cancun has the most beautiful views of the sea and can provide trips out on yachts or for snorkeling to explore what’s under the tranquil waters. Going to a resort that organizes these sorts of activities means you can get expert advice and most of the transport sorted for you.

Before you go, you can’t miss La Isla Shopping Village to make sure you get something to remember Cancun by. This mall circles a bay and is far from a backpacking destination: the port is a spot from where you can watch stunning sunsets and you can pop in and out of the shops to catch glimpses of the skyline reflected in the canals that divide the shops.

At La Isla, there’s also an interactive aquarium and cinema to entertain the younger ones while you browse, or for a day’s entertainment if you want to stay out of the sun during the hottest hours without going too far from the hotel zone.

Cancun is a must-see destination and perfectly easy to visit, with daily flights from the USA and Europe where many visitors come from. The airport is more than accustomed to tourism, as are the many hotels and resorts in Cancun, so almost everyone speaks English, while also helping visitors practice their Spanish if you are willing!

Consider the Mexican coast for your next mini-break or even two-week vacation as you won’t be short of things to see and do in the area.

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