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I’m tired and bored and struggling… with writing.

Writing doesn’t always come easy for me and since I began my life of full-time travel nearly two years ago – it has been hard to carve out the time to do it. When I write I need to be in a quiet space with little to no distractions. Not so easy when you are a budget traveler staying in hostels, or when you are a newly minted Digital Nomad who needs to prioritise paid client work over this little old blog.

I never meant to get over a year behind in telling my travel stories. It just kinda happened. And now I am so far behind it is almost impossible to catch up which makes me put it off more.

Things need to change.

So in the attempt to jumpstart my writing wanderlust again and to take the pressure off myself (I tend to give myself a pretty hard time), I want to try something different around here.

I am going to kick off the changes by mixing things up a bit – I am no longer going to write about every destination I have visited in the past year, for a couple of reasons.

There were simply some places I didn’t spend much time in so I really don’t feel I have anything worthwhile to add to the Blogosphere about them, when there is already SO MUCH CONTENT out there.

Secondly, there are some places that the thought of writing about just about puts me to sleep. If I am so bored at the thought of writing about them, then I am sure you guys will be bored as hell reading about them. So it’s probably for the best that I skip them, and focus on writing about the places that DO excite me – like hiking to this boiling lake.

I am also going to stop writing content in the chronological order that I visited each place. I want to write about a place when I feel like writing about it, damn it! Not months and months after I visited when I can barely remember what I did there. You can always check out my Monthly Round Ups and on social media to see what I am up to in real-time.

And I want to write more personal posts and travel musings again, or even short little updates like this. I used to do that I lot when I started this blog and was living in Sydney and that is something I want to return to.

There will also be more favourites/list posts, like The Best Offbeat Islands to Visit and My Favourite Lighthouses Around the World, and more Guides in the future. I’m especially excited to write a Road-tripping Colorado post, because Colorado is just really, really awesome and there are so many places there worth visiting. I also have plans to write about the best hot springs around the world, Colorado’s best mountain towns, how to be more eco-conscious while travelling, and much, much more!

I’m hoping these changes will shake things up a bit and get me writing more often again. I am feeling more excited about it already!

So, what do you think? Is there anything you want to see me write about more? I would love your feedback!

10 Comments on Things are Gonna Change Around Here…

  1. I’m looking forward to the changes Katie. I so know what you mean. I’ve given up a long time ago about blogging about everything. And now I only do if it’s something that excited me, and I don’t care about the order anymore. And yessss I find it SO hard to give any time to my blog when I can do real work and be paid for it. Sigh. I’d really like to go back to writing more travel musings as well, like I used to too.

  2. All sounds like good thoughts and decisions. Remember you’re the boss and you should do what you want. It should satisfy your needs first. If you don’t enjoy writing it – well that’s a job you don’t love and you should get out asap. As you move forward, try not to set new rules for yourself again which takes the pleasure out of it. The planned posts sound good. Louise

  3. Agreed. I’m SO behind on destinations. And the world does not need another post on Bali or Paris. I’m just bouncing around now. One of the worst and most time-consuming parts for me: Going back and sorting then editing old photos! Eventually I’ll finish up the Philippines (maybe) then start picking and choosing more. I’m dying to write about Albania.

    • Yes bouncing around is the way forward! I have one more post about the Philippines I have started writing then I am done and dusted with writing about Asia, for now at least. I spent half my time in Vietnam crying about my break up and no one wants to read that! Think I will write about Hoi An and Sapa in the future though. I would love to read about Albania – do that next!

  4. Hey Katie, I think these are great ideas! I am also so far behind on some of my writing that it’s embarrassing (literally years, in some cases). There’s never enough time, so I agree, prioritize what you actually want to write about. I love reading about your adventures — I especially like all the “easy” hikes you do that would have me throwing myself off the nearest cliff 🙂 — so I’m glad you’re not putting the blog to bed completely. I’ll try to take this as inspiration for getting something written (and not just a picture post) soon.

    Say what now about a boiling lake?

    • Thanks Lisa! It seems that a lot of other bloggers feel my pain. Holy hell the Boiling Lake was one of the hardest hikes I have ever done but awesome – the second largest boiling lake in the world and it was literally vigorously boiling – so cool!

  5. This should be fun so do what is best for you. I am happy with photos and a note of what best to see/ where to stay/how to get there and what to eat. Keep enjoying your travels and I appreciate your writing.

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