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For those of us unfortunate enough to need glasses or contacts in everyday life, it can be a pain to deal with when traveling. With external factors like intense sun, humidity, dry air, and long haul flights, your eyes can really feel the strain.

The first and most important tip I can give you is to make sure your glasses are in good condition. That means they aren’t scratched and are sturdy enough to survive your time away.

If your glasses are coming to the end of their life and you are planning an extended trip away, I suggest buying a new pair of durable glasses for your trip, I like the ones on offer here by EyeBuyDirect.

Their range including digital protection lenses is especially good for protecting your eyes from the inevitable long periods of time spent in front of a small screen, while on your way to your destination.

I have created a list of eye care tips and tricks for you, following these will ensure your eyes are cared for as much as possible during your travels.

Cat in glasses

Remove Contact Lenses During Long Flights

If you wear contact lenses, make sure you have a case and some contact lens solution in your carry on baggage. When you board your long haul flight, make sure you take your lenses out and put your glasses on.

Planes are notorious for their dry and stale air, and this can cause some serious discomfort to contact lens wearers. If you are lucky and you can sleep through long haul flights with ease, it is doubly important to take your lenses out.

Falling asleep with them in and waking up several hours later can be extremely uncomfortable and potentially dangerous.

Eye care while flying

Eye Drops!

As I have already discussed, your eyes are subject to a higher amount of dry air during a holiday. Using eye drops is a great way to make sure your eyes stay hydrated. They are a necessity for anyone who travels and has ever dealt with eye problems.

Wear ‘Good’ Sunglasses

When I say ‘good’ sunglasses, I don’t mean expensive or fancy branded ones. What I actually mean are ones that have a certificate for their protection level. The best place to purchase sunglasses is from an optician.

Do not be tempted by cheap knock offs or brand names, as often these have lower than the recommended level of protection. This means that although you think your eyes are being protected from all those deadly rays, they are in fact at risk.

Wear sturdy glasses

Eat Healthily

This is a tip that applies to all aspects of your life, not just when you are on holiday. Eating well is paramount when it comes to protecting your eyes. Things like vitamins A, C, and E are especially important.

By eating a balanced diet with things including mangoes, sweet potatoes and green vegetables, your body will have all the nutrients required to keep you fighting fit.

Eat Healthy for eye health

Looking after your eyes is one of the most important practices you will ever learn. IF you start with a good eye care routine when you are young, you will have a better chance of maintaining your vision in older age.

Follow the tips above and carry on enjoying the gift of sight!

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