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Family holidays are a nice break from the monotony of everyday life, but traveling with kids can sometimes be a nightmare. With the inevitable tantrums, arguments and choruses of ‘are we there yet?’, these trips can try your patience and make you wonder why you booked the holiday in the first place. 

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. If you’re wondering how you can reduce stress and make things run more smoothly when traveling with children, here are the top five tips you’ll need to follow.

Bring Toys for the Journey

When traveling with kids, it’s likely that you’ll hear the complaint ‘I’m bored’ at least once (but probably many more times than this). To prevent you from pulling your hair out in frustration as you try and fail to entertain your kids, you should plan ahead and bring toys with you to keep them occupied.

kid with toy

Bringing toys is also great for when you reach your destination. Although you may enjoy sunbathing at the beach, your kids won’t be so entertained. With beach toys and a wide range of other toys from Wicked Uncle, you can keep your kids happy and avoid arguments. 

Make Use of Technology

You may not want to rely on technology to keep your kids quiet and entertained, but when you’re stuck in a car or on a plane, sometimes you just need to give your kids an iPad to protect your sanity and not disturb other passengers.

Entirely disconnecting from screens throughout your holiday may not be a realistic goal, and that’s OK!

tips for traveling with kids

Plan Things in Advance

Sorting out holiday plans for a whole family will take much more time than planning things solo or for a couple.

Make sure you have a plan for what you’ll do each day so you can make the most of your holiday, but also don’t try to cram in as many activities as possible. This could make your kids tired and irritable, which could spoil the fun for everyone.

You should also make sure your suitcases are packed early and that you set off for the airport in plenty of time. You don’t want to deal with a last-minute panic while also trying to look after your kids!

Travel with kids

Use Child Discounts

Traveling can be expensive, especially during the school holidays, which is why you should take advantage of child discounts wherever you can. You can find discounts on tours, travel, entrance fees and much more, so research this ahead of time or simply ask about discounts when you’re booking things to do on holiday.

Take Lots of Photos

Time flies when you have kids, so it’s important to capture milestones and happy times like family holidays. By taking lots of photos on holiday, you can preserve these memories to look back on in the future.

If your kids are interested in photography, this is also a great chance to allow them to develop these skills and take their own holiday pictures.

traveling with kids

Traveling with children can be stressful and challenging, but family holidays are also a great opportunity to spend quality time with your kids and give them some amazing memories they’ll treasure forever.

To reduce the stressful parts and magnify the good times, follow these five helpful tips to manage traveling with kids.

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