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I think all of us planned amazing trips and journeys with our friends when we were kids. Dreaming of exotic lands on the other side of the world and all the adventures you’d have and how you’d never want it to end. 

Very few of us ever get to live out these dreams with our friends, but if you’re lucky enough to get to do it, then you must do plenty of planning first, and discuss every aspect of your journey. Especially if you want to stay friends after the trip has ended.

To help your friend trip go as smoothly as possible, I wanted to share four tips for traveling with friends. Good luck! 

Traveling with Friends

Decide on Your Accommodation Beforehand

Traveling in real life doesn’t always reflect the romantic, spontaneity we often see in the movies. Booking your accommodation before you travel will ensure you get the best views – like these hotels near Niagara Falls Canada  – and it will also guarantee that you get the best price and somewhere safe to stay for the night. 

It may seem exciting to head to your destination and figure it out when you get there, but when you’re in a foriegn  country, don’t speak the language and have no idea where you are, it’s not recommended – especially because a lot of the best accommodation can sell out if you don’t book. 

Make sure to book in advance so you get the best of everything. 

Keep Track of Expenses

We all like to be spoilt from time to time and equally, being generous also gives us a good feeling. However, if you find yourself repeatedly having to pay for things and your generosity isn’t reciprocated, then things can get ugly very quickly

It’s always best to split everything equally. If one of you is a little short for a cab ride or a meal, then it’s fine to help cover the bill, just write down any outstanding expenses and go through them later. Keep everything honest and transparent, your friendship will only benefit from it.

Pack Your Own Items

Things like phone chargers and jackets are fine to borrow from time to time, but when your friend asks to borrow them constantly, it can get a little frustrating. It might seem silly to pack double of everything, however, it means you can enjoy your own items and if something gets broken or lost then you’ll have a backup! 

Traveling together should only enhance and strengthen your relationship and the last thing you want is to fall out during the middle of your trip when you’re on the other side of the world and can’t get away from each other! 

Pack Your Own Items when traveling with friends

Know Each Other’s Triggers

You probably know your friend pretty well, but it’s a good idea to go through what you both find irritating so it can be avoided. If you’re irritable in the morning before you’ve had a coffee, let them know. 

Similarly, if your friend gets a little grouchy when they’re hungry, try not to take their irritability to heart before they’ve eaten. 

By following these simple tips, your friendship has a much better chance for staying intact once you finish your trip. Enjoy!

Tips for traveling with friends

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