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Rome is a city of 2.8 million people with different tastes and interests. Every year, four million tourists visit the city. So, naturally, it is a very interesting place that offers something for everyone.

It is also one of the oldest continuously populated places on earth. For over 28 centuries people have lived there. It has a rich history and interesting culture, which is really worth experiencing.

Of course, you can do all of the usual things when you go to Rome. A visit to the Colosseum, the Forum, and Vatican City are all well worth doing. But, there is more to Rome than just these sights. There is a lot more culture, new and old, for you to celebrate.

Enjoy an Open-air Opera

Rome Opera Tickets are not expensive. For tourists who are not huge opera fans, the Three Tenors show is a great option. If you want to take in a full performance, the Roman Baths of Caracalla is a great venue to head to, during the summer months.

Take a Cultural Tour

If you want to see all of the cultural sights of Rome and get the most out of them taking a tour is a good idea. They are available in most languages. You can either do a fast paced visit to the main historic buildings and galleries in a day, or sign up with a tour operator that will look after you for a couple of days. The latter is a great way to really get under the skin of Rome and learn a lot more about its history and culture.

There are plenty of themed tours available. So, if you are particularly interested in the religious traditions of the city for example, you do not need to waste part of the day learning about gladiators.

Taking tours has the added advantage of saving you money. Most operators have access to lower ticket rates than those that are available to tourists. Plus, usually, you can skip the queues, as well.

Rome´s Street Culture

The street culture of Rome is constantly evolving. It is a good reflection of how the city is changing.

Street Art in Rome

Rome has some fantastic street art for you to enjoy. This post gives you a taste of what is available. San Lorenzo, Ostiense, Tor Marancia and Quadraro are all definitely worth adding to your Rome Itinerary.

Street Performance

There is also a growing street performance scene in Rome. Most of it is still centered on the Piazza Navona, but gradually performers are starting to perform in other streets and squares as well.

Rome´s Festivals

Plus, of course, there are Rome´s traditional festivals, all of which take place in the streets. The vast majority takes place in the spring and summer, but even in the winter months you can find religious processions and street parties.

Rome´s Live Music Scene

If you love live music, Rome is a great destination choice. This is particularly the case if you are visiting during the Postepay Sound Rock in Roma festival, which you can check out here.

As you can see, there are many cultural attractions in Rome other than the most obvious and well-known attractions. Go and see for yourself.

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