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Waiting in airport

Taking your e-cigarette with you on your holiday may be something you are not willing to compromise on. If your destination country allows the usage of e-cigarettes, that is not a problem.

There may be other rules that you need to follow when traveling, particularly regarding the method of storing your e-cigarette.

If you are driving to your destination, this would be as simple as keeping it on your person, or somewhere within your vehicle, however, storage needs to seriously be considered when you are flying for your holiday.

Handheld or Hold Luggage?

Some people feel confused as to the storage of their e-cigarette, or other electronic items. While it is completely acceptable to keep some items, such as hair dryers or flat irons, within your hold luggage, other items are not suitable for being stored and transported this way, and that includes your e-cigarette.

These need to be kept in your hand luggage, as you will see on this website, as well as on many visual posters and warning signs at the airport itself.

Some of these items can pose a fire risk, particularly if they come into contact with other metals, or even changes in temperature. Instead, it is best to stay safe and follow the airport rules by keeping them on your person in your hand luggage at all times.



The more equipment you take with you, the more likely it is that you will lose something, or even exceed hand luggage weight limits.

In addition to this, more items for your e-cigarette may cause complications and delays, should security staff want to look into the amount you are carrying, as well as the reason for large quantities.

Bearing that in mind, depending on the destination, you are likely to be able to purchase liquid refills and replacement coils during your stay, taking a large amount of these items with you may be fairly redundant.

When Should it be Removed from Luggage?

While you are on the plane, your e-cigarette should remain within your hand luggage, and certainly not be used. Prior to this, there are several times where you could use it, and other times where you should remove it.

Airport waiting area

Checking whether your departure airport has a designated smoking area can give you an understanding of where to go if possible, should you wish to use your e-cigarette.

In addition to this, it is important that you remove your e-cigarette, and all of its accessories, from your bag prior to the security check, and place it all into one of the provided trays.

Following your check, you will then be free to place it all back and continue on with your journey.

Understanding the rules and laws around e-cigarettes and airports can help your journey go that bit more smoothly.

When you remember to utilize your hand luggage, you can help to reduce the chances of delays, still go for a break in an allowed area, and know that your items are safely on your person.

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