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While many tourists might see Spain as little more than a place to lounge on the beach for a week, if you look past the crowded resort towns on the coast, you’ll find a country packed full of culture, enchanting islands, interesting history, and fantastic food.

There is architectural beauty and fascinating art to be found tucked away across the country and there are so many ways to experience Spain.

If you are planning a trip, here are some ways to make the most of it and experience life as a true Spaniard.

How To Make the Most of Your Spain Vacation

Take a Walking Tour

While limiting yourself to one location might be the best option if you’re in the mood for something more relaxed, if you really want to make the most of your time then you should consider a walking tour in Spain.

La Gomera, a Canary Island offbeat island destination

There are so many places to visit, including several spectacular volcanic islands, and having a professional tour guide show you the way will mean that you’ll really get to understand the country and you’ll never get lost!

Eat Like a Local

Eat where the locals eat to get a true taste of the country and try to avoid anywhere that looks too tourist-centric. You might need to fumble your way through a few words of Spanish, but you’ll have a much more authentic and rewarding experience and the food will blow you away.

Spanish paella

Try authentic Spanish tapas to share with friends, traditional paella loaded with local seafood, and, of course, sangria. Be aware, however, that in Spain, casual dinners typically start at around 10 pm after an evening siesta. So, if you struggle with late dinners you might want to have a large lunch.

Participate in Local Celebrations

There are plenty of ‘feria’ (festivals) in Spain during the summer months where you will experience the true Spanish culture including food and drink festivals, sevillanas (flamenco songs), and plenty more besides.

Running of the Bulls

The Spanish culture is one of color and passion and it draws millions of visitors to Spain every year. Whether you plan on visiting during the holy week (Semana Santa) to enjoy the various processions that take place through towns and cities across the country or experience the infamous “running of the bulls” in Pamplona, there are dozens of unique festivals to immerse yourself in.

Get Lost

One of the most wonderful things about Spain is that it’s surprisingly easy to get lost but you’ll rarely find yourself too far from a population center. It’s the kind of country you could rent a car in and drive around aimlessly until you strike upon something that inspires you. And if in doubt, simply head for the coast!

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