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Colorful Colorado - seeing more of this state is one of my 2017 Travel GoalsWhen you have the means to pay for a private jet charter to take you anywhere in the world, you may not want to settle for on the beaten path destinations and places frequented by holiday travelers. Instead, why not visit somewhere truly unique – a place where you can relax, have fun, and make the most of your vacation.

As you plan your next private jet getaway, you should add these unique locations to your itinerary.

Hays, Kansas

Nestled on the High Plains of Kansas, Hays is a mid-sized city that remembers well the glory days of the Wild West. Everywhere you go, you will see reminders of the city’s former unsettled past, which it puts readily on display with statues of Wild Bill Hickok, Custer, and other historic ‘Wild West’ figures.

It also hosts a Wild West festival each summer on the 4th of July, which is capped off with an evening fireworks display. Surrounded by wide open spaces, Hays can also be a place of idyllic quiet and respite. The city accommodates private jet arrivals with a regional airport located west of Hays.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole is another unique, if not downright quirky, locale that you might want to visit in your private jet. A burgeoning favorite of Hollywood celebrities and DC powerhouses, this small town is still a place that is surrounded by the natural beauty of the state’s mountains, rivers, and flowered hillsides.

It too keeps a busy summer schedule to entertain locals and guests alike. Fly into the city’s mid-size airport in time for the seasonal fireworks displays, fishing contests, and other outdoor fun.

Bozeman, Montana

Located just 90 miles from Yellowstone National Park, Bozeman, Montana offers a unique vacation spot that you can easily visit by taking a private jet. Situated in the state’s southwestern mountain range, Bozeman has a population of around 40,000 people.

It is surrounded by the Brigadier Mountain range and is home to some of the best hunting, fishing, and outdoor activities in this part of the country. It also boasts several museums that you can visit to learn more about the city and state.

Vail, Colorado

Vail is another location that is popular with the jet-set crowd. Still, it is worth a visit when you want to holiday in a village that is off the beaten path and still has plenty for visitors to do and enjoy during a vacation.

Because it is situated at the highest point of the Rocky Mountains, it is home to world-class ski resorts. These resorts often stay open later than most others in the state in the northwest part of the country because of late spring and early summer snowfalls.

Dubai, UAE

Finally, if you have your sights set on an international vacation, you will surely be satisfied by flying into Dubai on your private jet. This Middle Eastern country is quickly becoming one of the most popular global vacation sites in the world.

You can enjoy nightclubs, world-class hotels, shows, and many other attractions in Dubai. It does observe strict Muslim rules, however, which you are expected to obey during your visit.

The ability to hire a private jet allows you to visit some of the world’s most beautiful places. You can plan a vacation to remember by checking out any of these unique getaway destinations.

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