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When wanting to book a high-end getaway, weekend escape, or vacation at an elite destination, you should use all the help you can get to land the best and most well-suited exclusive deals and options.

In this quest, seven accommodation listing websites can be trusted to track down the most elegant properties that can accommodate your specific needs and particular desires when trying to plan the most important aspects of a luxury vacation at a world-class destination.

What is different with these platforms, compared to other luxury property booking websites, though, is that they allow users (usually through free membership) to book a premier villa or hotel suite at a significantly discounted price.

These are the best booking websites to use for luxury vacations.


Best Luxury Booking Websites is one of the most popular and longest-running platforms to find luxury properties across 20,000 locations worldwide, including Greece, Japan, the Caribbean, and Europe.

Browsing the listing site, you can find millions of different accommodation options (from apartments and motels to 5-star hotels) that can also be filtered by category, such as the required amenities (i.e., free airport transfer or sea view), preferred neighborhood, and other details (i.e., staff that knows sign language).

As for their most creme-de-la-creme listings, the platform provides a list with tens of thousands of VIP Access properties, meaning properties that have received top ratings from the site’s guests for outstanding service. At times, the application also offers an extra 10% discount on its bookings.

Kinglike Concierge is a stellar, top-rated, world-class villa rental and concierge service agency that specializes in two primary locations in the Mediterranean, Greece, and Italy. With an impressive villa portfolio that is constantly expanding, they help match guests’ requirements and needs with the most exclusive, hand-picked villa through its booking platform.

Expect hundreds of chic properties in Mykonos and Tuscany, encompassing traditional architecture, and a full range of amenities, including private spa treatments, hammams, tennis courts, saunas, private chef, VIP access to fine-dining facilities, and spectacular views at prestigious neighborhoods.

Users can filter results by the number of guests, required facilities and extra concierge services (i.e., babysitting, private chauffeur, etc.), preferred region, and date of arrival.

The agency also entices with 24/7 customer support, which travelers can contact for any concern or other type of support during their stay, while also offering several different types of discounts on villa rentals, if certain requirements are met (i.e., for stays over 14 nights or bookings during the low or mid-season).

Finally, guests may choose to book a lesser number of bedrooms in a larger complex or villa unit and get a discounted price compared to the usual price of the listing.

Beachfront Vacation Villa Costa Rica

Purchased by TripAdvisor in 2013, now serves as a subsidiary of the popular online travel company, offering exclusive deals to a members-only travel community (via a free membership regime).

Covering numerous destinations on the planet, from Greece and Italy to the USA, the Caribbean, and France, the platform also provides insider guides regarding specific aspects of a traveler’s trip, such as where to eat and where to stay.

Expect a long list of the most luxurious hotels and extreme flash sales for some of them (up to 40% off the usual booking price), as well as discounts of up to 25% at their listings.

Coming forward with a selection of the finest hotels in the world by its hotel and travel experts, the platform enables users to find deals on extravagant 4- and 5-star hotels.

The France-based website also provides high discounts to its users that can climb to 70% off normal rates. At the same time, the platform operates as a travel club (members-only), also offering top-rated tours.

According to the details on the site itself, a listing is only allowed to go up on the platform after a thorough and rigorous examination of three major aspects of one’s holiday experience, guaranteeing a memorable experience (i.e., exceptional customer service and location close to popular local attractions and sites).

Travelers may even download the top-rated Verychic app on their Android or iOS phone for maximum convenience.

Koh Lanta hotel

A bit out of the box in regards to the concept behind the creation of the platform, is a website that specializes in luxury suites and works directly with top hoteliers as a means to provide cost-effective luxury alternatives to vacation rentals.

This is usually done after accessing a hotel’s floor plan and coming up with all possible adjoining room options. The reason for it is the fact that strives to give families and friends traveling together the chance to book connecting hotel rooms to stay connected with one another during their vacations.

The site has a collection of thousands of luxury hotels in more than 2,000 cities worldwide, in the following countries: Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, Aruba, the UK, and the USA. Members (free membership) can access discounts on lavish hotel suites of up to 40% off the full-price listing.

The concept on which runs is quite unique as it allows you to claim your fair share of superior vacation adventures at a much lower price than the usual listing price.

This is primarily done by bidding on a holiday experience through exclusive VIP auctions that also provide access to fantastic deals on all-inclusive resorts, chic villas, and top-end hotels. To be able to participate in the auctions and grab cost-effective escapes, you only need to sign up for a free membership.

At the moment of this writing, the website boasts over 1.2 million users and around 2,500 luxury properties spread in 12 countries worldwide, including Canada, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, Europe, and many more.

Stroll through the Kaanapali Resorts in Maui

With a customer satisfaction rating of 97% and more than 2,500 carefully vetted boutique or luxury hotels in its collection, is a platform that has been providing its members with stellar collections of hand-picked luxury hotels for nearly 20 years.

Its members can also claim exclusive deals and even private sales for a wide range of accommodation options, from elegant villas and chic spa hotels to extravagant palaces.

The website also lists its available properties based on the type of vacation experience required (e.g., nature retreats, ski holidays, fine-dining experiences, romantic hotels, luxury diamonds, etc.) across top destinations worldwide, such as London, Berlin, Rome, Paris, Milan, Bali, and more.

Whichever platform you decide to trust with finding your dreamy hotel suite, apartment or villa, expect nothing but sheer luxury, utmost pampering, and guaranteed lavishness and customer satisfaction, as each property is thoroughly investigated by each website’s travel experts before it is listed on the site for you to view and browse through.

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