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Amongst all the wonderful places on the South Coast of Australia, Adelaide’s definitely a favorite of many. Other than its stunning views and scenery, there are also a lot of fun activities to do!

Adelaide is a perfect place to visit during weekends, and we can help you plan the perfect way to spend your time in Adelaide. But before we get to that, let me give you an overview of stunning Adelaide.

Adelaide Beach Sunset

Adelaide Facts

With a population of only 1.3 million people, Adelaide is considered to be one of Australia’s smaller cities. This city is found somewhere in the middle of the Southern Coast of Australia.

Summer in Adelaide is hot, although not as humid as it is in other Australian cities. On the other hand, winters can be pretty cold. Tourists prefer going there between the months of February and April, aside from having perfectly warm weather, there are also a lot of festivals celebrated during this time of year.

Now that you know a little about Adelaide, continue reading and we’ll show you the best way to make the most off your time in Adelaide!

Day One: The City and the Beach

Your first day in Adelaide will be spent exploring the city to get you warmed up. You’ll be able to explore and discover a lot of things on foot, and while you won’t be able to see everything the CBD has to offer, you’ll get a good sense of it.

The city’s northern reaches are a good place to start with if you’re into history. The Migration Museum, the Art Gallery, the Library, and the Adelaide Museum are all located on North Terrace. We also recommend paying a visit to the Migration Museum, which features over two centuries of migration history. And it’s completely free!

Adelaide City

Free guided tours are also available in Adelaide Botanic Gardens, which by the way is located near the museum area.

If you’re into shopping, then you’re in luck because you’re close to Rundle Mall, the CBD’s most famous shopping strip. You can also grab your lunch in the streets of the Rundle Mall, as it’s surrounded by many cafes and restaurants.

Lastly, the perfect way to end the day is by watching the sun sink in one of the restaurants located near Glenelg.

Adelaide Pier

Day Two: The Adelaide Hills

South Australia is known for its wine regions, and some of them are actually located near the Adelaide CBD. You’ll begin to see the spectacular vistas and scenery of the hills after only a 25-minute drive from Adelaide’s city center. With rolling green hills and views to marvel at every turn, the lovely scenery is evocative of Europe.

Even if you aren’t a wine drinker, this region of Adelaide is worth a visit because there is so much to see and do.

Known for its nature and animals, the first place to visit is the traditional European village of Hahndorf. Hahndorf has maintained its German heritage, with bakeries, wineries, stores, and cafes all awaiting your visit.

Adelaide Hills Winery

And of course, the wines. There are over 60 different wineries found in the hills, so no need to worry if you prefer a certain kind of wine because they probably have it. Some of the wineries that we recommend are Deviation Road, Artwine, Bremerton, Nepenthe, and Mt Lofty Ranges Vineyard.

If you plan to stay a little longer, which we highly recommend, you should stay at the Sequoia Lodge for a luxurious experience. With 14-private suites, an award-winning restaurant, and a historical landmark – Sequoia really is a must!

All things considered, Adelaide is rich with history and culture, fun activities, and breath-taking scenery. It is indeed a place worth visiting. Click here for more information about how a vacation in Adelaide is an unforgettable experience.

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