So why start a travel blog?

After writing travel journals for years, I finally got up the courage to create a blog for the epic 13 month adventure through the Americas that my (then) boyfriend and I completed at the end of 2013. Titled ‘KT and Trav around the world’, it was just a simple blog on Blogger for our friends and family to follow our travels.

Machu Picchu

At first, I was self-conscious about my writing skills so it started out slowly, but as time went on I got into a rhythm and really enjoyed expressing myself and the passion I feel for travel through words and photos.

Back in New Zealand for a couple of months at the end of our trip, I decided to set up The World on my Necklace to share travel articles, tips, and budgeting advice with anyone that wants to read it. There are about 15 travel blogs that I follow on a regular basis and they inspire me. I want to inspire people to travel too.

Most of all I want to show you that it isn’t as hard as you think. You don’t need to be rich. You needn’t be afraid. There is a whole world of experiences out there waiting to be discovered.

One of my other passions in life is hiking. I truly believe that hiking is the best way to really experience the world. Hiking can take you into untouched wilderness that can’t be accessed by cars or bikes.

Wandering around the streets of foreign cities helps you to really be immersed in the local culture. Walking along a coastline you may discover beautiful shells or spot a pod of dolphins offshore. Walking or hiking forces you to live in the moment.

At a slow pace, you notice the small wonders that make up life. If you patiently observe the world it will open itself up to you.

A big focus of The World on my Necklace is on my hiking adventures. I regularly write about the fantastic walks and hikes that I have been on around the world. Some will be well-known and pre-plotted. Some I will have mapped myself.

Hiking Bryce Canyon National Park - seeing more of Utah's National Parks is one of my 2017 Travel Goals

I also have a strong fascination with islands. I can’t pinpoint what I love about them most. Maybe it’s the strong sense of community or the sense of isolation from mainland society. There is something special about islands.

One day I hope to live on one. Because of this, I also write about the islands of the world that I have visited and hopefully inspire you to visit too.

To show people that my travel experiences are far from perfect, check out my Travel Fails for some amusing stories of my mishaps throughout the years.

San Blas Islands, offbeat islands in Panama

And the name? I had a necklace with a world globe on it which initially gave me the idea. I also see it as a play on words similar to the Lonely Planet ‘on a shoestring’ guides. I have the world on my necklace, always close to me.

This website is my labor of love and I want to constantly improve on it to make it the best it can be. To help with this, I invite you to send me feedback.

Is there something you think that I can improve upon? Do you want any more information about the places I have written about?

Drop me a line, I would love to hear from you.

18 Comments on Why The World on my Necklace?

  1. Do you mind sharing which bloggers you follow that inspire you? I’ve you, but am looking for more along the same wavelength!

  2. Hi Katie. Great website.

    My wife and I are planning a 6-month tour of the US on a motorcycle. I intend to write (blog) about every aspect of it from route planning, to buying a bike and shipping it home.

    May I ask what web builder you have used (WordPress perhaps or another) and also who you use to host your site?

    Phil and Anne
    Auckland, New Zealand.

  3. Hi Katie,
    How are you?
    May I ask what travel insurance you suggest? The one we, which we got though STA travel (which we assumed would be pretty decent) seems to be have every possible term and condition to prevent being reimbursed for lost or damaged items! You have to provide proof of purchase etc. We’re looking to change as we’re nervous about not being properly covered while abroad. Do you have any suggestions?
    Many thanks

    • Hi Donné, I actually have travel insurance through my credit card but in the past I have used Downunder Insurance – – and I claimed with them over a couple of different trips for medical expenses and when my passport and some other items were stolen and they paid me out in a timely manner. World Nomads is a popular insurer too that a lot of long term travellers use. Good luck!

    • I thought I had written that but I haven’t! I have a necklace with a globe (world) on it, and also it is a play on words like the Lonely Planet ‘on a shoestring’ guides – but I have the world on my necklace

      • Oh alright, I saw the necklace in the picture and wondered if it had a story to go with it. It’s very beautiful. ♥

  4. We totally get you!!! We started out just travel journalling then sharing with family and only went publicly about 15 months ago.
    And we love walking too – just love walking everywhere and anywhere if possible. In fact, will be doing the Camino in September – walking 800 km 🙂
    Anyway, great little blog you have here! Excited to be following you.

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