Hi there! So you are interested in working with The World on my Necklace?

I offer Virtual Assistant services as well as Advertising and Brand Partnerships, which are detailed below:


I am currently accepting advertising in the form of sponsored posts and sponsored links in already existing posts. I would also consider banner and text advertisements on The World on my Necklace. Please email me at theworldonmynecklace (at) outlook (dot) com for prices, which are competitive but negotiable.

Brand Partnerships

If you like my style of writing – which has been described as incredibly detailed and descriptive (hello Type A Personality!) – why not have me write about your tour/hotel/destination? I am nomadic and always up for an adventure!

I will write it how I see it and will only accept partnerships for experiences that I believe I will enjoy. So no meat-lovers food fests, hedonistic party hostels or elephant riding please (among other things).

I also accept partnerships to promote products and websites, but only if I like it once I give it a test run.

If you think you have an experience or product you think I would enjoy and would like me to write about and promote it across my social media channels, email me for more details on my email address above.

Virtual Assistant

As well as being a Travel Blogger, I am also a Virtual Assistant – in fact that is largely how I make a living these day. I have worked as Virtual Assistant, largely for Travel Bloggers, for over four years now. 

Importantly, I also have years of experience working as an Executive Assistant in the UK, New Zealand and Australia over a range of industries. Because of this I am adaptable and am comfortable working remotely in industries outside of travel.

But, for travel and lifestyle related gigs, these are the duties that I have tons of experience in, including:

Pinterest Management

Anything from just plain old scheduling through to full Pinterest Management, which includes pin creation on Canva, creation of brand design for pins, creation and collation of boards, pin analysis, participation in Pinterest sharing threads, pinning of quality content, tidying up boards, adding clients as collaborators on relevant group boards and Tailwind Tribes, and optimizing boards and images for SEO.

I have completed a ton of online training for Pinterest optimisation and have been working with a number of clients on their Pinterest for over four years, specialising in travel, lifestyle, and online business accounts.

Contact me by email theworldonmynecklace (at) outlook (dot) com, to find out about my Pinterest packages and prices. I am happy to tailor a package for your needs as well.

Social Media Management

I have experience in scheduling Facebook and Twitter posts on Hootsuite and Buffer including sourcing quality content to pin along with my client’s content, and writing eye-catching captions.

Editing Articles

I have experience editing articles and stories for spelling mistakes and grammar as well as sentence re-structuring, re-wording and re-writing when required, which is especially useful for clients who speak and write English as their second language.

Inbox Management

Inbox Management is something I have done in my years of being a Personal and Executive Assistant as well as working with Travel Blogger clients. This can be anything from just sorting emails as they come through to different folders, to replying to a large majority of emails by using a set of templates that can be altered.

As I am a Travel Blogger myself I know the sort of emails that we receive as bloggers and I understand the industry.

SEO Research and Implementation

I have completed online training for SEO keyword research and implementation in the past year and now offer this as a service. Using Keysearch, I can find keywords that you can rank for, and can optimise articles with them, as well as implementing other SEO optimisation.

Content Creation

Along with writing everything you will find on this site, I have also written travel guides for other sites including The Broke Backpacker and NOMADasaurus, including optimising content for SEO from key words found using Key Search.

Plus lots more ad hoc tasks including article research, formatting and publishing articles using WordPress, sourcing photos to complement articles, and much more.

Please email me at theworldonmynecklace (at) outlook (dot) com for my full Assistant CV or if you have any questions. References can be provided on request.

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  5. Talkeetna Chamber of Commerce
    Katie – The Talkeetna Chamber of Commerce was wondering if we might be able to use some of your photos for our new Visitors Guide? We are celebrating our Centennial this year and think that several of your photos represent the real Talkeetna”! Feel free to email me at info@talkeetnachamber.org Thank you, Kerry Walter!!!

  6. Hi, it’s Sarah from Live, Dream, Discover. You’ll notice I have a duplicate comment of your post of your budget traveling through Canada. For some reason it attached an old Gravatar which does not link to my site so I tried to fix it and repost the comment but it did it again. I have no idea why as this has not happened before and comments I made on other sites after were fine. Weird. Sorry about that.

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