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Hi there! So you are interested in working with The World on My Necklace?

I offer Travel Planning services as well as Advertising and Brand Partnerships, which are detailed below:


I am currently accepting some advertising in the form of collaborative posts and links in already existing posts. Please email me at theworldonmynecklace (at) outlook (dot) com for prices, which are competitive but negotiable.

Brand Partnerships

If you like my style of writing – which has been described as incredibly detailed and descriptive (hello Type A Personality!) – why not have me write about your tour/hotel/destination? I am nomadic and always up for an adventure!

I will write it how I see it and will only accept partnerships for experiences that I believe I will enjoy. So no meat-lovers food fests, hedonistic party hostels or elephant riding please (among other things).

I also accept partnerships to promote products and websites, but only if I like it once I give it a test run.

If you think you have an experience or product you think I would enjoy and would like me to write about and promote it across my social media channels, email me for more details on my email address above.

Travel Planning

I have just started offering travel planning services because I love planning travel and I am pretty great at it if I do say so myself. This is adapted to each client depending on what they are looking for and the level of planning they require. 

I specialize in US and Canada road trips, New Zealand and Australia travel, and I have traveled extensively in Colombia, Mexico, Thailand, Greece, the United Kingdom, the Galapagos, Hawaii, and more.

So if you need help with your Colorado road trip itinerary, want to know where the best places to visit in New Zealand are or are planning to hike the Annapurna Circuit (these are just examples) then reach out to me and we can discuss your needs.

Please email me at theworldonmynecklace (at) outlook (dot) com if you would like to find out more.

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  1. Hi,

    My name is Maybel, I’m the outreach coordinator for a company. We own a portfolio of sites covering all major topics, and we’d be interested in submitting a guest post on your website, as we think there’s a nice overlap between your content and ours.

    Please let me know what your guest posting guidelines are, including any costs associated with submission. I’d be happy to provide any further information if necessary.

    Thank you!


  2. Hi Katie,
    Greetings! I hope you are doing well! I got the chance to check out some of your latest posts on theworldonmynecklace.com and I just want to say I’m really impressed with your content!

    I’m getting in touch to see if you’d be interested in accepting a collaborative guest piece on your site. I work with various brands in the Travel industry and I’d love to offer a unique, well-written article on a topic that is relevant to your website and something your readers will enjoy.

    I’m also happy to compensate you for your time and for publishing our piece as well, so let me know if this is something you’d be interested in discussing further.

    Looking forward to hearing from you and thanks in advance!
    Best Regards,

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    Hope you are having a good time.

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  7. Hi,
    I saw your blog and wanted to know if you’re interested in publishing our guest posts.
    I’m a blogger outreach executive at a digital marketing firm.
    I would like to know how much you would charge us for each post with a Do-Follow link that should remain published for at least one year without a sponsor tag.
    According to your preference, we can pay you through PayPal or Pioneer.
    As for the quality of content, every article will be niche-relevant and written by professional content writers.
    Looking forward to building a long-term business relationship with you.
    Feel free to ask any question.
    Waiting for your response.

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  9. Talkeetna Chamber of Commerce
    Katie – The Talkeetna Chamber of Commerce was wondering if we might be able to use some of your photos for our new Visitors Guide? We are celebrating our Centennial this year and think that several of your photos represent the real Talkeetna”! Feel free to email me at info@talkeetnachamber.org Thank you, Kerry Walter!!!

  10. Hi, it’s Sarah from Live, Dream, Discover. You’ll notice I have a duplicate comment of your post of your budget traveling through Canada. For some reason it attached an old Gravatar which does not link to my site so I tried to fix it and repost the comment but it did it again. I have no idea why as this has not happened before and comments I made on other sites after were fine. Weird. Sorry about that.

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