Where I've BeenAs a person who loves lists, this has got to be my ultimate. A list of all of the wonderful places I have been to, along with how long I have spent there in total. 

This list reminds me of the epic journey I have taken in the past twenty years since I started traveling, and it gets me excited about what the future holds, travel-wise, as well.

It isn’t my desire to visit every country in the world, but there are still so many places I want to experience and many more that I will return to.

As of April 2024, I have been to 69 countries (88 for the Traveler’s Century Club), including 7 Canadian Provinces, 47 US States, and 44 out of 63 US National Parks.

It’s definitely been an adventure so far!



Otago Region of New Zealand

North America:

Visit Colorado National Monument on a Colorado Road Trip


Le Bourg Beach on Les Saintes Guadeloupe

Central America:

San Blas Islands, offbeat islands in Panama

South America:

Colorful Cartagena Street






  • UK (England, Wales, Scotland, and Gibraltar) – 5.5 years
  • Ireland – 3 days
  • Denmark – 6 days
  • Iceland – 1 week
  • France – (not including Guadeloupe) 5 weeks
  • Italy (including Sicily) – 5 weeks
  • Spain (including three Canary Islands & Majorca) – 4.5 weeks
  • Portugal – 2.5 weeks
  • Belgium – 4 days
  • Monaco – 2 days
  • Netherlands – 3 nights
  • Germany – 3.5 weeks
  • Austria – 1.5 weeks
  • Switzerland – 1 week
  • Hungary – 3 nights
  • Poland – 1 week
  • Slovakia – 2 nights
  • Slovenia – 5 nights
  • Croatia – 2.5 weeks
  • Greece – 8 weeks
  • Albania – 1 day
  • Estonia – 4 days
  • Latvia – 4 days
  • Lithuania – 3 days
  • Vatican City – 2 days
  • Turkey – 2.5 weeks
  • Montenegro – 1 day
  • Czech Republic – 5 nights
  • Malta – 8 nights
  • Sweden – 8 nights
  • Cyprus (including Northern Cyprus) – 12 nights

Naoussa on Paros

Where I Have Lived

  • New Zealand: Auckland, Tauranga, Kingseat, Te Hihi, Hamilton, Waitomo Caves – 23 years
  • Australia: Sydney (twice) – 3 years
  • UK: London (three times) – 5.5 years
  • Canada: Vancouver (twice), Field – 7.5 months
  • USA: Colorado, Washington State, Nomadic – 7 years + (current)

Map of the World

So there you have it folks. Some places I have only spent a short amount of time in and others I have been back to multiple times.

As I have only been blogging about my travels since 2014, there are a lot of places on this list that I haven’t written about. If you would like to know about my experiences in any of these destinations, please contact me and I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

I also wrote this massive post outlining all of my travels chronologically over the past 18 years including the jobs I did to sustain this crazy lifestyle of mine.

Happy travels!

Trying a Cuban cigar

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  1. Tell me about Egypt! I lived there for 3 months and taught English, and I’m always curious what other people think of it, especially foreign women. I loved it, but it was a relationship that took time to grow…

    • Hi Jesse, I only spent 16 days in Egypt and I was on a tour as I wasn’t comfortable travelling there by myself. I was shocked by the pollution but loved visiting the ancient sites and diving in Dahab. I did struggle a bit with the constant hassles from Egyptian men, especially in Luxor, but I didn’t have any scary or overly aggressive experiences

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