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Are you thinking of visiting the Everglades? Well, you definitely should as the Everglades is a fantastic destination to visit if you want to experience the subtropical wilderness of Florida. You can leave Fort Lauderdale on a cruise for an absolutely unforgettable experience as you explore the Everglades.

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Everglades National Park boasts of a huge variety of birds, dolphins, manatees, and other native wildlife. Whether you go on your own or take a boat tour, the beautiful and mysterious Everglades are sure to keep you captivated for days on end.

Here’s how to make the most out of your trip and some excellent ways to see the Everglades:

Kayak Through Mangrove Tunnels

If you want to see and experience the Real Everglades, you need to take a kayak tour through mangrove tunnels. This trip can be enjoyed any time of the year as it is not dependent on tides and remains sheltered from the wintery winds.

Mangrove tunnel in the Everglades

You will see some unique wildlife as you spot songbirds, orchids, birds, turtles, air plants, and of course, the famous alligators. There are a number of tour operators that can take you through the mangrove tunnels so shop around for a great deal.

A Motorboat Adventure in the Islands

Get ready to explore the beautiful 10,000 Islands region of Everglades National Park on a motorboat. The breathtaking trip starts from the Historic Smallwood Store and will take you through the maze of mangrove islands.

Alligator in the Everglades

This is your chance to spot dolphins, manatees, and wading birds, as well as get a deep understanding of the Everglades, its history, and its unique saltwater ecosystem.

Hiking Tour in the Park

Pack your binoculars and hike through the park with an expert guide where you can watch for alligators basking in the sun or crocodiles resting on the bank. You will see plenty of wading birds out for a hunt. You might also come across some flamingo stopping along the way.

Great Blue Heron The Everglades

Learn about the marsh and mangrove systems of the Everglades from the naturalist guides. It is the perfect day for any wildlife enthusiast looking for an adventure.

Biking in The Everglades

Another fun way to explore the Everglades is by bike. Bicycling is allowed along the main park roads such as the Old Ingraham Highway, Shark Valley Tram Road, Rowdy Bend trails, and Long Pine Key Nature Trail. Make sure you stick to these trails and roads in the park.

Everglades National Park

Each of these biking trails will provide you with some excellent opportunities to view wildlife. You will come across dozens of tropical tree species and have some great time bird watching.

Camping in The Everglades

You will find some great opportunities for both country camping and wilderness camping in the Everglades. Camping grounds offer all the essential facilities such as drinking water, showers, grills, restrooms, picnic tables, tents, and trailer sites.

The drive-in campgrounds are easily accessible, and one can take advantage of numerous hiking trails and canoe trails as well as plentiful saltwater fishing. If you are lucky you may be able to spot an entire flock of roseate spoonbills or a great blue heron.

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