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Backpacking in the UK is something every student looks forward to. And one of the best times to visit this country for maximum enjoyment is usually from April to mid-September. Most travelers consider London as the main place to visit, and you should visit this incredible city, but there are many more exciting places to explore in the UK. 

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Getting around the UK can be kind of difficult and expensive. Buses and trains across the country can be very expensive and not very comfortable due to overcrowding. Instead of canceling your plans to avoid big expenses, continue reading and find some amazing ways to backpack on a student budget. Let’s go!

Best Markets in London

How To Backpack the UK on a Student’s Budget

Use a Budget Mode of Transport

The expensiveness of transport in the United Kingdom is enough to scare people from visiting. However, if you’re traveling as a student, our best advice is for you to book trains in advance. The prices of trains last minute are at their most expensive so planning ahead is advantageous to save money.

Apart from the railway’s cost-effectiveness, it is also generally the fastest way to get around. Buses are often cheaper than trains, but they are also slower and are susceptible to traffic. If you don’t have time constraints, you can go for the cheaper options like coaches and local buses, otherwise, trains are your best bet.

England train station

Finding Affordable Accommodation

Many travelers see finding budget accommodation in the UK as difficult, but finding affordable accommodation is just another easy challenge if you play it smart. The prices of accommodation may differ depending on the area and type of accommodation you want. Hostels are one of the cheapest options to consider in the United Kingdom.

Some hotels charge as low as £35 to as high as £100, which could be quite high considering your budget. The online introduction of Airbnb has made many rooms and apartments available in the UK for rent, with private rooms going for as low as £20 per night, while flats start at £40 per night.

Hostel prices in most of Europe start at £15, which is inarguably the cheapest form of accommodation. If you think meeting new people isn’t a bad idea, hostels are one of the best budget options while traveling around the UK.

Hostel dorm

Participate in Free Tours and Activities

The UK is home to budget museums, free walking tours, eclectic neighborhoods, interesting sights, and beautiful parks to explore for little or no money. There are lots of options for free and cheap fun when backpacking in the UK. 

Stick to Your Budget by Cooking Meals

Eating in big restaurants in the United Kingdom can be very tempting. But remember, they’re also very costly. Meanwhile, you can also find affordable restaurants with salivating dishes for £10 or even cheaper.

Supermarkets in these regions are also very affordable. To avoid spending on eating out at all, it is advisable to cook your food. Foods from the market are very cheap. With as little as £15 you can make nutritious meals for a day. Here are some food tips you should also consider:

  •       Cook your meals in your hostel kitchen and even make packed foods for your days out
  •       Use refillable bottles for your water to avoid buying bottled water along your journey
  •       Make sure you travel with coffee to avoid expensive restaurant coffees in the morning

Cook your own meals

Tips For Students to Visit the UK While Saving Money

Here are some student travel tips to visit the UK while saving money:

  •       Start Saving Now
  •       Make plans for your trip with a confined budget
  •       Take advantage of student discounts
  •       Search for cheap accommodation
  •       Entertain yourself with fun and free activities
  •       Apply for programs that support student traveling

Backpacking as a student exposes you to a lot of amazing sights and memories. The UK is one of the most entertaining places in terms of the great experiences the country offers to travelers.

However, traveling on a budget in the United Kingdom may look virtually impossible but by using the tips and tricks above, you will be able to travel as cheaply as possible while still having an amazing trip.

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