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There is no better way to experience the world than to get a taste of different cultures, especially after spending so much time at home.

While each destination has many things for you to see, taste, and do, you are always guaranteed to have the best time when you interact with locals on your travels.

That also includes, how locals relax when they need a bit of pampering, aka spa experiences!

If you are planning a vacation to relax at a spa, then this post will help you discover some of the coolest spa experiences around the world.

Coolest Spa Experiences Around the World

Blue Lagoon Experience in Iceland

Iceland is a dreamy destination for many travelers. The country has a welcoming atmosphere and is already an incredibly relaxing place to visit due to the beautiful natural surroundings.

Blue Lagoon in Iceland

For sure one of the most famous spa experiences in Iceland can be found at the Blue Lagoon. It’s essentially a natural spa in Iceland open all year round, the warm seawater is mineral-rich and does wonders for your skin.

Before you leave, make sure to take home one of Blue Lagoon Body Exfoliators from their skincare collection so you can continue the spa experience at home.

Chocolate Wrap in Hershey, PA

This is your ideal place if you are a chocolate lover! At this spa, you will get a wide range of unique treatments that you can really only get here.

The best treatment you can get is the Chocolate Fondue Wrap that entails thorough body brushing. They will then place some “chocolate” made of warm moor mud and essence of cocoa.

If you are planning a visit to Pennsylvania, don’t miss experiencing this chocolate wrap!

Ananda, The Himalayas

Ananda is where you need to go if you are planning a trip to the mountains of India – this spa experience is incredible.

In the Great Himalayas, the Ananda spa receives hundreds of guests looking to relax and unwind from their daily hikes, driving, and swimming, among other activities.

Himalayas in India

Ananda Spa is famous for giving clients a relaxing experience with its wide range of wellness packages.

The Sleep Treatment, Dubai

Would you like to get a treatment that will induce sleep? Then you can get that during your next visit to Dubai.

The treatment is a mixture of jasmine, sweet basil, English lavender, and 16 other essential oils. The sessions will last at least one hour and involve guided meditation. After receiving the treatment, you will feel light and rejuvenated.

Russian Steam Bath, Moscow

The Sunduny is currently one of the oldest bathhouses in Russia. It has been there since the 1800s and only gets better with age.

The decor is luxurious with red carpets, sculptures, and lots of gold and marble columns.

Sauna in Russia

You need to try this traditional Russian way of helping people feel relaxed and healthy. You will sit in a steam room and put on a felt hat to keep your head protected from the intense heat.

These unique experiences will give you a feel for what the culture of relaxation and health looks like around the world. They also offer a perfect way to feel relaxed after having a tough day, lengthy travels, or just to treat yourself because why not?!

Whether you are traveling alone or with others, you should always make time for some R&R.

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