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Use DAM Software for security

As a travel influencer, you’ll have the essentials for every trip practiced and perfected. You know what you need to do to make the most of your time overseas as well as how to inspire and captivate your growing number of followers.

But do you know how to make the most of your digital assets? As a travel influencer, you probably have more digital assets than most and knowing how to keep them safe, secure, and well-managed can mean the difference between a carefully curated online image, and a steady loss in followers.

Utilizing Digital Asset Management from is a simple yet effective solution to all your content management concerns.

This lightning-fast tool gives users the means to upload, organize, share and distribute their content and data files in a controlled and secure way, changing the way they work with their media for the better.

Want to know more? Read on to discover why travel influencers need to invest in DAM software.

DAM Software for ease of use

What Would Travel Influencers Consider To Be Digital Assets?

Digital assets are files that are stored digitally and considered to bring value to your business or brand. So, if you’re a travel influencer then you’re probably handling these vital digital files on a daily basis.

From photographs, images, and video content to your logos, the specific branding for your website or blog, music, voice clips, files containing text, your brand color scheme, etc… these are all digital assets that need to be handled with care with a strong level of organization.

File Search is Made Easy

From photos of the sun set over the Big Island of Hawaii to that video of you enjoying the infinity pool at a Maldives resort – maybe you need to locate a file from a trip you took last year, add a pre-set to the photographs you took when you became an influencer full time or edit some video footage to include brand-specific graphics.

Whatever file you need, as an influencer who’s always on the move, you need it fast.

Thankfully, DAM software from has got you covered. Smart search capabilities allow users to take advantage of Google-like search features and using clever metadata tags, you can locate the files you need within seconds.

A much better option than scrolling through your phone or multiple hard drives.

Sunset at Hookena Beach on the Big Island

Security Meets Organization

As an influencer, sharing your content is what you do best. However, you only want specific files shared and the security and protection of your digital assets is vital.

Storing thousands of travel photographs on separate hard drives, computers, old phones, desktops, and various cloud platforms could lead to a serious security breach! Not to mention this could be an organizational nightmare without the right software.

With DAM software, security and organization come together in one easy-to-manage, cloud-based platform. Software capabilities mean you can store all your digital assets in one organized collection, search with ease and automatically publish across all your social media platforms seamlessly.

With DAM software, you’re in full control of who can access your data files, with permission profiles and access control at your disposal. You can share with third parties and sponsors securely, reducing the risk of data loss and security breaches.

To find out more about DAM, reach out to now.

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