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When you book a holiday, you never expect to plan every aspect of it down to the very last detail, however you do expect to at least get there! So, receiving the news that your trip has been cancelled and there’s nothing you can do about it can be extremely distressing.

It could be the holiday package itself, the flights, or perhaps you’re already on holiday and now you’re worried you’re going to be stranded – no matter what your circumstances are, having your holiday cancelled is stressful, upsetting and hugely disappointing.

You can get help from Creditfix by checking out their helpful infographic. But despite this upset, you need to act quickly in order to get your money back.

Getting money back from a travel company can seem near impossible, or at the very least an extremely difficult and undesirable task. However, if you take the right steps you should be able to get your money back sooner rather than later and the quicker you act, the quicker you get to book a new holiday.

To help you negotiate this difficult and stressful time, we’ve found and posted an infographic detailing how you can get your money back for your cancelled break. Check it out below and let us know in the comments how you get on!

How to get your money back if your holiday gets cancelled

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