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Beautiful Places in the Troodos Mountains of Cyprus

Wow, did the Troodos Mountains impress me! The villages of this mountain range in the middle of Cyprus are traditional, friendly, and picture-perfect, and in many of them, I saw hardly any other tourists.

The three days I spent exploring the Troodos Mountains were my favorite of my entire 12 days in Cyprus and I would go back in a heartbeat.

Add beautiful Laneia in the Troodos Mountains to your Cyprus Itinerary

I visited numerous mountain villages over my three days in the region and although many were similar, they all had their own flavor. I would recommend spending at least two days to explore different places if you have the time.

Here are the most beautiful places to visit in the Troodos Mountains of Cyprus!

The Best Places in the Troodos Mountains to Visit


Kalopanayiotis is spread out over a hillside with stunning mountain views from the top and a peaceful river and Medieval bridge at the bottom. By the bridge, there are natural sulfur springs that have been utilized for their healing properties since ancient times.

Kalopanayiotis view

The village is mostly known for its UNESCO-listed monastery with spectacular Byzantine frescoes, Saint John Lampadistis Monastery, and this peaceful spot is a must-visit when in Kalopanayiotis.

Don’t miss having lunch or at least a drink at Theoxenia Restaurant which has one of the best views over lower Kalopanayiotis and the surrounding mountains.

Monastery in Kalopanayiotis


Moutoullas is an unassuming Troodos mountain village in the Marathasa Valley that doesn’t have any big attractions, which makes it the perfect place to get off the beaten path and observe traditional village life.

Moutoullas, a Troodoos Mountains village

I recommend doing a loop walk, taking in the upper and lower sections of this pretty village. You will see gorgeous mountain views, a Medieval bridge, and the Church of the Virgin Mary of Moutoulla, one of the oldest in the Troodos Mountains.


This unassuming mountain town doesn’t get a ton of tourists and I loved the friendly local vibe here. Like nearby Kalopanayiotis and Moutoullas, Pedoulas is laid out amphitheatrically, and the best way to experience the town is by walking a loop between both the upper and lower sections.

Pedoulas village

There are numerous historic sites to visit here including the UNESCO-listed Church of the Archangel Michael, built in 1474, and the imposing Church of the Holy Cross in the center of town.

Kykkos Monastery 

One of the best-known and wealthiest monasteries in Cyprus, Kykkos Monastery is perched in the northwest Troodos Mountains with stunning views.

Kykkos Monastery

Take time to explore the church and grounds of the monastery which is one of the most beautiful in Cyprus, and don’t miss the Museum of Kykkos Monastery to learn about the sacred icon of Virgin Mary and its miracles, and see the priceless collection of religious art, manuscripts, and antiquities.

Pano Platres

Pano Platres, also known simply as Platres, is surrounded by pine tree-covered mountains and a village center that is more wooded than any of the other towns on this list. 

Pine forest around Pano Platres

This picturesque village has a couple of waterfalls you can hike to and a pleasant but unassuming village center. The best way to explore Pano Platres is on foot so you can soak up the mountain views and green environment.


One of the prettiest villages in all of Cyprus, lovely Laneia is nestled in the foothills of the Troodos Mountains in the Limassol Region. It is one of the wine villages producing Commandaria wine – a sweet dessert wine.

Travel Cyprus by Car to visit tiny Troodos Mountain villages like Laneia

Laneia is one of the most flower-filled towns I visited and I loved the white-stoned cottages with colorful doors, leafy squares, and cobbled streets. The orange tiled rooves give it a Tuscan hill town vibe.

Laneia in Cyprus


Another gorgeous wine village, Lofou is larger than Laneia with a town center spread over a hillside with narrow mazelike streets. The town is a white-stoned beauty with restored historic buildings and distinctive wooden balconies. It is a wonder to wander.

Main Street in Lofou

Along with aimlessly wandering around this pretty town, make sure you spend some time exploring the shops and al fresco restaurants in the compact town center and try a local beer at the small brewery.

Lofou village center


Omodos receives the most tourism of the Troodos Mountain towns but it is beautiful, especially the large and bustling main square which is a green oasis lined with outdoor restaurants and souvenir shops.

Omodos in Cyprus

Visit the historic and grand Timios Stavros Monastery in town and get lost exploring the maze of cobbled streets with art studios, boutiques, and tasteful souvenir shops.

Omodos in the Troodos Mountains

Pano Lefkara 

Pano Lefkara, located in the southeastern foothills, is one of the larger Troodos Mountain villages with a bustline commercial center.

Pano Lefkara in Cyprus

This pretty village is known for its lace needlecraft and there are numerous shops where you can buy lace and other souvenirs in the welcoming town center. If you’re lucky, you can catch a demonstration of the lace work – it is unbelievably intricate and precise.

Like Lofou and Laneia, Pano Lefkara is made up of narrow limestone alleyways and white stone buildings, along with gorgeous mountain views. It reminded me so much of the small villages in the Dordogne Region of France.

Flowers in the Troodos Mountains

How To Visit the Troodos Mountains

The best way to explore the Troodos Mountains is by renting a car, which I found to be an easy and hassle-free experience. I hired a small automatic car from Green Motion through for nine days and it was only $216 total. This included third-party liability insurance and unlimited miles.

You can rent a car for just a couple of days to visit the Troodos Mountains from either Paphos, Limassol, Nicosia, or Larnaca.

The other option is to take a day trip or two to explore different places. My top picks are:

From Paphos: Troodoos Mountains and Villages Guided Day Trip: This tour visits Lofou, Omodos, and Aphrodite’s Rock

From Paphos: Troodos, Kykkos Monastery, and Winery Day Trip: This tour visits Omodos, Kykkos Monastery, and a local winery for wine tasting.

From Paphos: Troodos Mountains Hidden Charms Tour: This tour visits the small village of Platanisteia, Kalopanayiotis and its UNESCO-listed monastery, and a local winery for wine tasting.

Pano Lefkara village

Where To Stay in the Troodos Mountains

I based myself in Pedoulas in the Troodoos Mountains for two nights and loved the affordable and cozy family-run hotel I stayed in, Christys Palace Hotel

Other highly-rated places to stay in the Troodos Mountains include the Petit Palais Platres Boutique Hotel in Panos Platres, Oinoessa Traditional Boutique Guest Houses in Lofou, and Vasiliki Guest House in Pedoulas.

For vacation rentals, this Luxurious Property With a Private Heated Pool near Omodos and Lofou, and this Cozy Forest View Cottage in Panos Platres are great options.

Medieval Bridge in the Troodos Mountains

The Best Insurance For Your Cyprus Trip

Make sure you get travel and health insurance before your Cyprus trip. Safety Wing is my go-to and they are cheap and easy to claim with.

Safety Wing also allows you to sign up when you are already traveling, unlike a lot of other travel insurance providers.

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The Most Beautiful Places To Visit in the Troodos Mountains of Cyprus The Best Places To Visit in the Troodos Mountains of Cyprus Top Places in the Troodos Mountains

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