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Best Things to do in Memphis in One DayWant to know the best things to do in Memphis in one day? Then read on!

Memphis, Tennessee. Rich with music history, delicious BBQ, Elvis’ Graceland, famous ducks… this city is home to all that and so much more.

At various times in the past, I had heard that Memphis was dangerous and run down. That it wasn’t worth visiting unless you are an Elvis fan – and I am certainly not that.

But it was on our route back to Denver from Charleston, so we added it to our itinerary. And as it turns out, Memphis is really, really cool! I went in with low expectations, only to have them blown out of the water. 

Downtown Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis is one of the best places in Tennessee and I am so glad we visited!

We only had one day in Memphis as that is all our schedule would allow, but everything we did during that time was a highlight. Seriously, Memphis was one of my biggest travel highlights for 2018 and is so, so worth visiting.

If you want to know the best things to do in Memphis in one day, this was our itinerary. Obviously, it would be better to have more than 24 hours in Memphis, but if you only have one day to spare (or two half days, like us) then let this action-packed itinerary inspire you!

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Listening to live Blues on Beale Street is one of the best things to do in Memphis

What To Do in Memphis in One Day

Live Blues on Beale Street

We arrived in Memphis in the afternoon and headed straight to Beale Street to experience some Blues and do a little bit of bar hopping. It reminded me a lot of Broadway in Nashville with its neon signs and music spilling out of the bars and onto the street, but it was Blues music instead of Country, and I much prefer that.

Mostly, we just wandered this colorful street slowly, taking it all in. Ducking into bars that seemed interesting, or bars that had music we liked the sound of. We ended up in a couple of different bars that had free entry, and fantastic live blues.

Head over to Beale Street to listen to live Blues when visiting Memphis in one day

Silky O’Sullivan’s is an Irish pub that is home to a tower… and tower-climbing goats. Naturally, we had to check that out. They live in a large goat pen with a tower in the beer garden. It was raining when we were there so they weren’t very active, but I’m pretty sure it is the only bar I have ever been to that is home to goats, so that was something.

I loved taking photos as it got dark, of the neon lights reflecting on the rain-slicked street. After a couple of hours on Beale Street, we were getting hungry, so we left for dinner.

If you only have one day in Memphis, go to Beale Street to listen to live music

Eating World-Famous Memphis Style BBQ

It wouldn’t be a proper day in Memphis without at least sampling Memphis BBQ, so that was our plan for our first meal in the city.

I had heard about Central BBQ, pretty much everyone has that has done any BBQ research for Memphis. If we only had time for one BBQ dinner, I knew I wanted it to be at Central BBQ.

They have a few different branches, and we went to the downtown one, just around the corner from Beale Street. On arrival, we found a bustling and very friendly restaurant that did indeed serve up some great BBQ. Although it was packed, it didn’t take long to get a table, and it was worth the wait.

I chose the smoked turkey with fries and mac and cheese – with all the delicious BBQ sauces that are made in-house. I was very happy with my choices.

One of the best things to do in Memphis is to try Memphis BBQ at Central BBQ

A History Lesson at the National Civil Rights Museum

The next day we were up early to visit the National Civil Rights Museum just as it opened. The museum includes the Lorraine Motel, where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was shot and killed in 1968, as well as very interesting and detailed displays chronicling the Civil Rights movement from the beginning.

One of the most memorable parts of the museum for me was the recreated rooms of the Lorraine Motel, made up to look like the day that MLK was shot and killed. I also found reading more about the conspiracy around his death very illuminating.

It is one of the best museums I have ever been to, and I urge everyone visiting Memphis to visit, especially if you are American. This is your history, whatever color your skin is.

Aim to spend at least two hours here, although if you like reading EVERYTHING as I do – you will most likely need four hours or more.

If you only have one day in Memphis, make sure to visit the National Civil Rights Museum

See the Duck March at the Peabody Hotel

We left the museum for about an hour to see The Peabody Hotel Duck March. Every day at 11 am at the Peabody Hotel, the resident ducks are escorted by the Duck Master from their Penthouse Suite on the roof, down the elevator, and on a red carpet to the hotel fountain, where they spend the day.

Ducks are one of my favorite birds, after living on a houseboat for a year, and I loved this! The hotel is beautiful inside, so it was a bonus to get to see the lovely architecture and furnishings as well.

Add the Peabody Hotel Duck March to your things to do in Memphis

Lunch at a Historic Diner in a Historic District

The last stop for the day was for a late lunch at the Arcade Restaurant, Memphis’ oldest cafe, with a cool retro vibe and a classic diner menu.

It is located in the South Main Historic Arts District, a one square mile neighborhood that was the first suburb in Memphis, and the first Art District. There was lots of new development underway in South Main when I visited in late 2018, with more residences, shops, restaurants, and more in the works. 

Dining at the Arcade Restaurant, the oldest cafe in Memphis

We crammed a lot into our one day in Memphis, but there was still so much that I would have loved to see and do if we had longer. I could have easily spent a month in Memphis just sampling all the amazing food – especially the Memphis BBQ and Soul Food.

We didn’t even get to see the Mississippi River, and there are so many other neighborhoods I would have loved to explore.

But 24 hours in Memphis was better than nothing. A lot better. And I know that we will return again someday.

So, whatever you do – don’t write off Memphis like I nearly did!

How To Plan Your 24 Hours in Memphis

Where to Stay in Memphis

If you have the means, you should definitely stay at the Peabody Hotel, you can even be an honorary Duck Master for the day! Other great hotel choices in Memphis are the stylish Moxy Memphis, chic Hotel Indigo, and the boutique River Inn of Harbor Town.

For a cheap and fun option if you are traveling alone, stay at Hostel Memphis, which has fantastic reviews and is a great place to meet other travelers.

Seeing the Peabody Ducks is a must do if you have one day in Memphis

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  1. Thinking about visiting Memphis this summer, and this guide is really helpful for making my itinerary, thank you! Many of these things I probably wouldn’t even have thought about visiting if it wasn’t for your post. Memphis sounds like a very interesting and fun city!

  2. None of what you said is remotely accurate. Every other city in TN is better than little Detroit. You should rethink your career.

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