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Wildflowers in Carbondale - one of the best hidden Gems of Colorado

Vail is a home rule municipality in Eagle County, Colorado. Many people have heard that it’s great for skiing, but this quaint village has much more to offer than just snowy peaks. 

This picturesque town delights everyone from nature lovers and artists to outdoor sports and festival fans.  Want to know why? Here are the top 7 reasons why people love Vail, Colorado. 

Luxury Accommodations

Everyone loves a little luxury when traveling, especially in their accommodation. Well, you won’t struggle to find luxury accommodation in this town. Several luxury hotels and resorts can be found here. The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Hyatt, and Hilton hotel groups all have magnificent accommodations in Vail.

Downtown Vail, one of the best mountain towns in Colorado

Perhaps one of the best Four Seasons hotels for keen skiers is the Four Seasons Resort Vail. Situated at the base of Vail Mountain, you’ll enjoy stunning scenery and mountain views, 5-star spa facilities, and ski concierge services. It’s just over 20 minutes drive from the Beaver Creek Ski Area. 

Vibrant Village Atmosphere

Although it has all the modern conveniences you could need, Vail has retained a charming village vibe, too. This vibrant, pedestrian-friendly town features an array of highly-rated restaurants, cafes, and unique boutique stores. It’s the perfect setting for some sightseeing and holiday picture-snapping. 

There’s no shortage of beautiful scenery to photograph. And when you’ve had a long stroll and need a rest and some refreshments, you’ll have a hard time choosing the right spot for a bite to eat. The fresh mountain air always works up a good appetite, and the local cuisine is certainly delicious. 

Downtown Vail, Colorado

But there’s another reason why you’ll find it difficult to narrow down your choice. With names like Chasing Rabbits, Sweet Basil, Root and Flower, and The Drunken Goat, you’re sure to enjoy a good chuckle while you await your meal.

Scenic Beauty and Outdoor Activities

There are many hidden gems throughout Colorado, but in the postcard-pretty village of Vail, you can truly have it all. It’s the reason why so many nature and outdoor sports enthusiasts love this town. 

You’ll enjoy stunning mountain landscapes and scenic trails for summer activities like hiking, river rafting, ziplining, and mountain biking. Vail also attracts its fair share of fly fishermen, because Colorado has a year-round fishing season.

Betty Ford Alpine Garden in Vail

It’s also no secret that this is the place for world-class winter sports facilities for skiing and snowboarding. Vail boasts the largest ski mountain in Colorado, after all. 

Welcoming Community

No matter where in the world you go, half of what makes travel enjoyable is getting to know the local population. Coloradans are already known for their warmth and friendliness. So it comes as no surprise that anyone who’s visited Vail always mentions the friendliness of the locals. 

Vail in Winter

Perhaps it’s all the natural beauty that surrounds them that makes them so happy and approachable. Or the joyful community events and gatherings where everyone is welcome. But whatever the reason, you’ll find an inclusive community atmosphere in Vail that makes you feel right at home.

Thriving Arts and Culture Scene

There’s more to this skiers paradise than meets the eye. Vail has a thriving arts and culture scene. Besides the many art galleries, exhibitions, music festivals, and theater performances, the town now boasts an Art in Public Places Artist in Residency program. 

Earmarked for the summer of 2024, the studio building was designed by Harry Teague. It will be a premier working artist studio where visitors can view artists at work, giving them a glimpse into the artistic journey. This is a fantastic example of the changing role of an artist in residence

Vail Village in Winter

Accessibility and Convenience

Many travelers to Vail Colorado fly into Denver International Airport and make their way to Vail by land. But you can also get there with a shuttle or bus service. The Bustang service is certainly the cheapest option to get from Denver to Vail. 

But if you want to drive from Denver’s airport, you can take the I-70. It’ll take just under two hours. Be sure to check the weather forecast before using this route though. This route is often shut down due to hazardous driving conditions in severe winter weather. 

Bridge in over the river in Vail, one of the best mountain towns in Colorado

Year Round Events and Festivals

Colorado isn’t all about skiing. It’s just as popular for epic road trips and cultural events. Indeed, there are events and festivals for the whole family to enjoy, all year round. From Winter sports competitions (not just skiing) to Summer music festivals and Fall foliage events, there’s always something to celebrate in Vail. 

But if you’re not into hitting the slopes, frolicking in nature, or jamming to local music, there’s another festival to consider. The Vail Film Festival. This independent film festival usually takes place in December and has been held here annually since 2004.

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