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Maritime Paradise: Grand Manan Island in New BrunswickAfter the 1.5 hour ferry crossing from Blacks Harbour, New Brunswick, we arrived on Grand Manan Island, and we loved the island from the very beginning.

Grand Manan Island is truly stunning.

Making our way past houses draped in colorful buoys and fields of wildflowers, we arrived at the Hole in the Wall Camping ground, about 1km from the Ferry Terminal and where we had booked to stay for the next four nights.

Pond at the Hole in the Wall Campground on Grand Manan IslandLocal art project on Grand Manan Island

Camping at Hole in the Wall on Grand Manan Island

We reserved one of the cliff top sites which were about ten minutes walk from the Reception. The Receptionist felt sorry for us once she saw all of our stuff and kindly drove us up to the site in her car.

To say we were amazed by the view from our campsite would be an understatement. It was the best view I have ever had from anywhere I have stayed. High up on a cliff, we overlooked an expanse of sea with a view along the cliffs to the iconic Swallowtail Lighthouse, jutting out into the ocean on a small, rugged peninsula.

Swallowtail Lighthouse on Grand Manan Island

We set up camp and then went exploring in the small town of North Head.

North Head, Grand Manan Island

We had delicious homemade soup and pastries in a small art café. As it is early in the season, we didn’t really see any other tourists. We lingered in the café for a couple of hours using their WiFi. Everyone that came in was a local and stopped for a chat with the waitress.

Beautiful wild flower on Grand Manan Island

I love small communities where people actually know each other. I have been living in big cities for so long now that this familiarity is such a novelty to me, although I did live in a small community like this when I was younger for a few years.

Everyone on Grand Manan Island is so friendly. Walking along the road to get some supplies from the Grocery Store, everyone we saw greeted us and we even got waves from passing cars.

Hole in the Wall on Grand Manan Island

Talking to the guy in the bike shop, he told us about an alternative route back to our campsite, along a smaller road to peaceful Whale Cove then on a hiking trail along the coast, past the hole in the wall (a natural hole in the rocky cliffside) that our campsite is named after, and back to our picture perfect campsite.

View from our campsite on Grand Manan Island

We cooked on our little camping stove and watched Minke whales from our clifftop perch. The only noise we could hear was the whales blowing water out of their blowholes when they surfaced.

Cooking at our campsite on Grand Manan IslandWhen the sun was setting the sky glowed a bright pink purple and a giant rainbow pierced the sky beside the lighthouse. We made a fire and watched the sky slowly darken.

Our campsite on Grand Manan Island

Most perfect camping experience ever.

Sunset over Swallowtail Lighthouse on Grand Manan Island

Over the next few days, we visited the art café for a few more lunches, drank coffee and read local travel mags by the rowing pond at our campsite, and watched more whales and seals gliding through the sea from our campsite.

We visited the beautiful Swallowtail Lighthouse, hiked out to a waterfall spilling onto the rocky shore around from Whale Cove, watched lobstermen hauling in their catches surrounded by swarms of birds, and marveled at how clear the water is at serene Pette’s Cove.

Hiking trail on Grand Manan IslandLocal house on Grand Manan IslandCoastline of Grand Manan IslandCoastline of Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick

A Grand Manan Adventure

One day we decided to visit Seal Cove which we had heard was one of the most beautiful spots on the Island.

Grand Manan Island is 30km long and North Head, the village nearest to our campsite, is at the very north of the island.

Swallowtail Lighthouse on Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick

With no public transportation and bike hire being out of our budget, we decided to try hitching. As soon as I put my thumb out, a car stopped. Our timing couldn’t have been better as it turned out to be the Mayor of Grand Manan Island, Dennis.

Dennis wasn’t content in just dropping us in Seal Cove. He is very proud of his island and wanted to show us the best of it. We drove around for 2 ½ hours and visited pretty much everywhere accessible by car.

Rugged coastline on Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick

Firstly we drove to South West Head where we got out for some photos of the windswept cliffs and lighthouse.

South West Head on Grand Manan Island

Along the way Dennis pointed out houses and told us about the people who lived there, he really does know most people on the island! We drove to different coastal views along the east coast and saw some beautiful, rugged beaches.

Dark Harbour on Grand Manan IslandSwallowtail Lighthouse on Grand Manan Island

Seal Cove is a cute little place with a great sea view as you climb a hill and drive down to the village. It has a snug little harbor with some small boats.

Grand Harbour, where Dennis lives, is one of the main island centres, on the main road halfway down the island. There is a museum there and a handful of stores.

We drove to the small airport where Dennis and friends had drag raced before it was opened and to Dark Harbour, the only point accessible by car on the West coast of the Island.

Fishermen used to have to hike into Dark Harbour and stay in small basic huts for weeks at a time to fish before the road was built; you can still see their huts now on a narrow, exposed manmade gravel bar.

Dark Harbour on Grand Manan Island

Grand Manan Island is known for its Dulse, a red seaweed that is dried and then eaten as is, or ground into a seasoning. Dark Harbour has the best in the world because of the geography of this part of the island. We saw lots of it drying in the sun off the main road.

Coastline on Grand Manan Island

Our last stop was Long Eddy Point, the northernmost point of Grand Manan Island. Dennis told us about a man who, having made quite a lot of money in his career, bought his dream house on Grand Manan Island.

The man’s parents also live on the island and his Dad was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer.

The son wanted to make his father’s lifelong dream come true and surprised him with a Model T Ford, which he had always wanted to own. Dennis said the father is so proud of his car and you can see him driving it around the island a lot.

Rugged coastline on Grand Manan Island

Our tour ended back at North Head where we thanked Dennis so much for his kindness. He said he was just happy to show off his island and wouldn’t accept any petrol money.

Swallowtail Lighthouse on Grand Manan IslandSwallowtail Lighthouse buildings on Grand Manan Island

We only spent four nights on Grand Manan Island but it felt like home by the time we left and we will always remember the openness and kindness of the islanders.

Amazing moon from Grand Manan Island

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10 Comments on Maritime Life on Grand Manan Island

  1. Thanks for capturing the essence of Grand Manan… Stunning beauty and amazing people. I feel very fortunate to also call it the place where I belong. My wife and I are following in Gery’s footsteps and our dream is to make it our permanent home. My wife and I recently purchased The North Head Post Office (Right next to Island Arts Cafe mentioned) We have repurposed the building to showcase the talented people of our wonderful community. We can be found at ‘The Old North Head Postoffice’ on Facebook. The traffic uptick is likely the result of a re-post. Your visit was recently posted on the ‘Queen of the Fundy Isles’ the official Grand Manan tourism page on Facebook. We hope you’ll visit again soon. Thank you for sharing your trip!
    Walter Colby

    • Thank you so much for your comment Walter – it is one of the most beautiful and friendly places I have ever been. I liked your page on facebook – I think that it is fantastic what you are doing and I wish you luck. I would love to come and see it one day. Thanks for the lead to where the traffic is coming from too! The mystery is solved 🙂

  2. You’ve captured the true essence of our home for the last 15 years. We came like you twice a year for nine years but could never stay away. In 1999 we moved here permanently from Pennsylvania and have never looked back. 🙂

    • Thanks so much Gery. It is a very special place and I would absolutely LOVE to go back. We are planning to immigrate to Canada in a few years time and I am excited already (although I do love our current home Sydney too). What part of the Island do you live in?

      • We live on Whistle Road overlooking Whale Cove. On a clear day our place is high enough that we can see all the way to Nova Scotia. We spent our first years here on Thoroughfare Road where we owned and operated our Island Ice Company to qualify for permanent residency and eventual citizenship. We then retired for the second time in our lives, sold the packaged ice company and bought this house. It’s been a wonderful life and we’d never consider leaving the island. In fact, I just published song lyrics which are currently being put to music by a summer resident who plays the harp. We hope it will someday become the official island anthem. I’ve included the page URL below. My wife, Esty, makes jewelry with seaglass she finds in winter on Stanley Beach and sells it at the Summer Farmers Market. 🙂

      • Love Whale Cove – we ended up visiting a couple of times as it was just around from our campground. It sounds like you are living an idyllic life. Good luck with your song – would love to hear it once it is put to music 🙂

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