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The Best Koh Lipe Snorkeling Day TripBeach life on the island paradise that is Koh Lipe was pretty damn sweet so it was going to be hard to drag ourselves away from its calming shores, but there was one activity that managed to entice us: a Koh Lipe snorkeling day trip in the pristine Tarutao National Marine Park.

Tarutao National Marine Park is made up of 51 islands, including Koh Lipe itself. Many of the islands are small, remote and uninhabited, making them difficult and expensive to get to independently.

The best way to affordably see a few of these stunning islands is to jump on a day trip from Koh Lipe, snorkeling and island-hopping, and there are a number of tours to choose from.

I’m pretty sure that any of the tours on offer would have been amazing but for me, choosing one was a no-brainer. I wanted to snorkel with bio-luminescent plankton.

Leaving Koh Lipe on our Koh Lipe Snorkeling trip

Embarking on our Koh Lipe Snorkeling Day Trip

The plankton tour started after lunch and would take us to three islands where we could snorkel and swim, followed by dinner on one of the largest islands in the park, Koh Adang, before we were dropped in the waters off Koh Lipe to experience the plankton.

It is something that has been on my bucket list since I read ‘The Beach’ years ago and I was so excited I was finally going to see the natural underwater light show for myself.

After lunch on Walking Street, we hopped in a covered long tail with the guide and the other four people on our tour then headed out to sea from the sandy shores of Koh Lipe.

The water was translucent and remarkably blue, like the sky we were travelling under. It was a beautiful day to be at sea.

Waters of Ko Yang - one of the stops on our Koh Lipe snorkeling trip


The first stop of our Koh Lipe snorkeling and island-hopping adventure was Jabang, an underwater sea mount covered in colourful soft corals.

The corals were a few metres under the surface and although I could see them and they were indeed beautiful, I couldn’t get too close as I am the worst free diver ever. They were mostly red and pink and reminded me a lot of burgeoning rhododendron trees.

I really wish I had an underwater camera, luckily my friend did and we shared it. In the future I will make sure I get my own, there are some great budget underwater cameras on the market.

Colourful Jabang coral on our Koh Lipe Snorkeling day trip

There were a few schools of stripy yellow fish near the surface getting very close (they thought we had food for them perhaps?) and I saw a school of small purple squid gliding by which was pretty special as that was something I had never seen before.

Snorkeling during our Koh Lipe Snorkeling day trip

Hin Ngam

Hin Ngam was our next stop and was much better for snorkelling as the colourful coral was much closer to the surface and was a lot more varied than Jabang. The visibility was super clear and there were so many different types of fish, including cute little clown fish (Nemos!).

I had started feeling a bit sick floating on the surface at exposed Jabang but as soon as I exited the boat in a calm cove of Hin Ngam, I quickly started feeling better.

Underwater scene during our Koh Lipe snorkeling trip

Nemos during our Koh Lipe snorkeling trip

After we had finished snorkeling off the boat, we continued around the island and pulled up to shore to get out and explore. Hin Ngam is unique in that it is entirely covered in polished black stones.

It is only small but we walked around and stretched our legs before floating in the shallows, surrounded by small fish.

First steps on Hin Ngam during our Koh Lipe snorkeling day trip

Hin Ngam on our Koh Lipe snorkeling trip

Koh Yang

Koh Yang was next for snorkeling. I didn’t think the coral was as varied or colorful as Hin Ngam but I enjoyed swimming to shore onto a small, white sand beach. I sat in the warm shallows talking to some of the others from the boat.

The water was impossibly clear there, accentuated more so by the white sand bottom. I could have sat there all day.

Ko Yang beach, one of our stops on our Koh Lipe snorkeling trip

Koh Adang

Koh Adang was our last island stop and where we were given an awesome chicken curry dinner on the beach, followed by fresh tropical fruit.

After brilliant sunshine all day, storm clouds had begun to gather and surround us. Lightning flashed in the ominous black clouds to either side of us and thunder rolled through the air towards us in an audible wave.

The air felt electric and I sat on the beach as the sky darkened further. I could see the heavy rain hitting the trees on the other side of the lake in front of us then moving quickly over the water, unsettling the formerly still surface.

Then it finally hit and I hurried to the shelter of the boat with the others.

Ko Adang on our Koh Lipe snorkeling trip

A tropical storm raged around us for the next half hour then when it eased, we headed out to sea again for the last stop of our trip and the one I had been excited about the most. We were going to see the bio-luminescent plankton.

Swimming With Bio-luminescent Plankton

Our boat stopped off the rocky shore of Koh Lipe and we were told to jump into the inky depths. I was reluctant, as were the others, because we couldn’t see any of the plankton from the boat. One of the guys on our tour jumped in first and as soon as he said he could see them, you couldn’t keep me out of that water.

The water was murky and of course, it was very dark but sure enough, once I started moving my arms and legs, I could see glowing green lights in the darkness. It was them! They weren’t as bright as I had imagined them to be (or seen pictures of) but they were there and I was ecstatic.

The plankton reacts and light up when there is movement in the water so I exhausted myself pretty fast by maniacally moving my arms and legs backward and forward.

After about fifteen minutes we all got back on the boat for the short trip back to Pattaya Beach, exhausted but happy. It was a great end to an incredible day.

With the waters surrounding Koh Lipe crystal clear and teeming with marine life, it was the perfect place for a day of snorkeling, in fact, it was some of the best snorkeling I have ever done.

A Koh Lipe snorkeling and island hopping tour is a definite Thailand must-do if you love the underwater world.

Nemo and his friends are waiting for you.

Have you been snorkeling with bio-luminescent plankton? Did you do a Koh Lipe snorkeling and island-hopping tour? I would love to hear about your experience!

Big thanks to my friend Kerry who took a lot of the photos above as I don’t have an underwater camera.

Colourful coral on our Koh Lipe snorkeling day trip

How to Plan Your Koh Lipe Snorkeling Trip

Booking Your Koh Lipe Snorkeling Trip

There are a number of tour operators on Koh Lipe and they mostly offer the same snorkeling trips. Check them out the day before you want to go and decide which one has the best price for you.

If you want to do the same tour I did, look for the Jabang –  Hin Ngam – Koh Yang – Koh Adang afternoon snorkeling trip with bioluminescent plankton spotting at the end.

How to Get to Koh Lipe

The most common way to reach Koh Lipe is by flying to Hat Yai from Bangkok or other points in Thailand, then booking a bus and ferry combo to get you from Hat Yai to Koh Lipe.

You can also reach Koh Lipe from Koh Lanta by ferry, and you can travel from Krabi to Koh Lipe by bus and ferry.

Koh Lipe snorkeling boats

Where to Stay on Koh Lipe

If you are looking for a solid hostel that is clean, beautifully designed, centrally located, and affordable, you can’t go past Bloom Cafe and Hostel which offers dorm and private rooms.

For a mid-range option, stay in a Bungalow at Lipe Power Beach Resort right on Sunrise Beach. I stayed in their SeaBreeze Bungalow a little off the sand and it was simple but had everything I needed.

If you really want to splurge, stay at the award-winning Idyllic Concept Resort on Sunrise Beach. Perfect for Honeymooners or travelers who want to treat themselves to a luxury stay, this gorgeous resort boasts a stunning pool, an in-house spa, and beautifully appointed rooms with a peaceful vibe.

Tip of Koh Lipe

The Best Travel and Health Insurance for Your Koh Lipe Trip

Make sure you get travel and health insurance before your trip. Safety Wing is my go-to and they are cheap and easy to claim with.

Safety Wing also allows you to sign up when you are already traveling, unlike a lot of other travel insurance providers.


The Best Koh Lipe Snorkeling Day Trip Koh Lipe Snorkeling and Island-hopping Tour

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  1. AHH I SO wanted to visit Koh Lipe on my trip to Thailand this month, but monsoon season probably isn’t such a good time for it so… Koh Tao it is! 😛 I loved swimming with the plankton in Maya Bay – so magical!

  2. I love this! I just snorkeled for the first time between Cancun and Isla Mujeres…over the MUSA museum. It was beautiful, but I am so jealous of you! You were seemed to be able to get a lot closer to the coral and natural life than I was. Everything looked blue rather than colorful lol.

    • Thanks Ashley! I also snorkelled of Isla Mujeres and my boyfriend at the time actually was bitten by an over-eager fish there! The snorkelling was so great off Ko Lipe because I could get so close to the coral. The coral was more colourful in real life, the camera makes it look very blue 🙂

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